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Apr 20, 2015


Etihad cargo has revealed TempCheck air freight technology for temperature sensitive cargo goods


Etihad cargo has unveiled TempCheck cargo technology to maintain the temperatures of heat sensitive cargo goods including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, human body organs, blood plasma, medicines, anesthetics and different vaccines. Etihad cargo will transport cargo goods around the world and this technology will help keeping the goods in correct condition.

This cargo technology has been developed in compliance with cargo industry and regulatory guidelines. It ensures that the product must retain its integrity and kept protected from degradation due to exposure to heat and excessive temperature when in the cargo process.


Etihad airways has said that the team of trained and experienced crew will handle the special cargo during flight and another dedicated team will take care of these goods on the ground. The new TempCheck system incorporates the latest equipment, care process and handling procedures to keep all the sensitive cargo safe and within the required temperature limits. It will facilitate the sensitive goods from the cool room to ramp and aircraft to the customers.


David Kerr, vice president of Etihad Airways Cargo, has said that the airways has seen a great growth in cargo of pharmaceutical goods in last couple of years. Etihad Airways has a success rate of over 90 percent in handling of these goods. The TempCheck technology will increase the success rates of Etihad Airways up to 100 percent. It will also help the airline to expand its cargo network.


He further said that Sensitive Goods Cargo market has very strict demands for temperature control and Etihad has upgraded its controlled environment storage facilities in Abu Dhabi. Etihad’s TempCheck technology will meet the temperature requirements and specifications for transporting human organs from donor to the hospital anywhere in the world safely and alive.


Kerr added that the Etihad Airways is working closely with its global cargo partners and pharmaceutical customers to get help in further refining the system. It is necessary to ensure that the temperature sensitive products remain safe and perfectly protected at every stage of the flight.


It is an extensively new purpose built facility which is being developed and scheduled to come in market in couple of months, probably in summer.

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