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These Terms of use apply to the services which are provided ‘our', 'us' or 'we' to a user of the website www.cargotopakistan.com (the 'Site') and any orders for services which are made using the Site. Any references in these terms and condition to 'you'/'your' refer to a user of the Site (including any party who places an order via the Site). If you would like to contact us regarding these Terms, you can do so at the address set out above or by emailing us at sales@cargotopakistan.com
1.Placing an order and the Right to Cancel
1.1 Cargo to Pakistanis not obliged to accept orders from you and a contract for the services will only be formed when we accept your order and confirm this to you. Cargo to Pakistan reserves the right to refuse and cancel any order and operate sophisticated Payment & Fraud security checks.
1.2 Cargo to Pakistan can only accept orders online from UK residents, who must be the end user and not another third party broker. A UK registered card must be used to purchase in order to ensure VAT is applied correctly and any refunds / credits due can be applied.
1.3 Cargo to Pakistan will arrange delivery of the Consignment/s through a third party service with a reputable Carrier as chosen by you at the time of ordering.
1.4 The collection of a Consignment will normally occur on your chosen date shortly after you have placed your order. Any order can be cancelled by you. However, after a consignment has been collected from you it can’t be cancelled. By arranging for the Consignment to be collected, you consent to the provision of services to you and accordingly you will not be able to exercise any legal cancellation right that you may have (also known as a 'cooling off' right) from the point when the Consignment is collected from you.
1.5 The order and any cancellation of order will be confirmed in writing. If this is not received, or if you require duplicate documentation, please contact our offices as described in section 13 and the transaction will be confirmed.
1.6 An order can only be put on hold and re activated up to a period of seven days after ordering. After that point a refund should be requested and a new order placed should it be needed.
1.7 We will supply you with the shipping documentation via email, if you do not print all the documentation for the collection including instructions for the service point and / or a manual shipping document is used or you do not provide the Performa invoices if required then we will charge an admin fee of £15.00 per consignment. The admin fee will also apply if you incorrectly declare the contents of the shipment or do not supply a clear description or choose the document service option rather than the non document service if the shipment contains dutiable items.
2. Charges
2.1 All prices quoted on this web site are in pounds sterling.
2.2 Payment can be made by:
2.3 At the time of ordering using a valid UK Credit / debit card.
2.4 By using a card that has been previously stored securely by our payment processor through our site for repeat transactions.
2.5 Regular users will be given the option to become an Cargo to Pakistan web member. Our members will benefit from an online address book, full order management and promotional offers from time to time.
2.6 Any Promotional code that has been issued must be entered at the time of ordering and will NOT be refunded after the order is completed if it has not been entered.
2.7 To achieve any special offer price we may advertise the order must be placed during the special offer period. The online price will be correct at the time of ordering and will not be backdated if booked after the offer has expired.
3. Collection
3.1 Export services can be collected from a residential address or business.
3.2 We may supply documentation to accompany your shipment. You will be advised of this at the time of ordering. This must be attached to the shipment, if not your shipment could be delayed and be subject to an additional premium. Further instructions will be found in the confirmation email sent after the booking is placed.
3.3 Your Consignment/s must be packed to a reasonable standard, packed within a double walled cardboard box with the contents cushioned and protected inside and any singular Item sent on our International Services weighing over 70kg must be palletised. The packaging must also be sufficient to protect the Consignment's weight. It is not always obvious when a Consignment has not been packaged properly. Any claim resulting from a parcel that is not packaged to a reasonable standard and in line with the above may be declined.
3.4 Please note that any item travelling through our services must be able to withstand a short drop, fragile items should not be sent though our services.
3.5 Prohibited Items and Restricted Items and Consignments which have not been packaged properly should not be sent using our services. If they are sent using our services, the affected item could be subject to delay, return, impounded by Customs or held for collection by you or the receiver. If the goods are held to be collected, you will be notified that collection of said goods must be arranged by a certain date or the goods may incur storage charges and finally discarded.
3.6 Parcels should not be strapped or attached together. This is not a secure way for parcels to travel. Any item which is not securely packaged or strapped to another package will be treated as a Prohibited Item.
3.7 The Cargo to Pakistan have the right to refuse a Consignment for a reasonable reason such as no packaging, insufficient packaging or the Consignment does not comply with the information given by you at the time of placing the order - for example is not labelled correctly, contains a Prohibited item or is larger than stated.
3.8 Collections are made on Working days only. Saturday deliveries are available to book online but are not guaranteed. Refund of the Saturday surcharge will be applied if delivery is not made on the relevant Saturday.
3.9 It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all the details are correctly completed and displayed on the correct Consignment as delivery will be made to the details listed on the Consignment. It is not the driver's responsibility to check this information, so please ensure this is checked before he leaves.
3.10 Any consignment that is travelling outside of the UK should be left open for the driver to inspect the contents. This can then be sealed by the collection point once the driver is satisfied.
3.11 Items over 70kg being carried on European Express Road Service must be palletised.
4. Tracking and Delivery
4.1 Delivery dates and times are not guaranteed unless you have selected a Guaranteed Delivery Service. A Guaranteed Delivery Service offers a money back guarantee equating to 50% of the original shipping cost if delivery is not attempted at the date and time specified. Non-guaranteed delivery services do not have this guarantee.
4.2 The timescales for a Guaranteed Delivery Service depend upon the point at which collection is made. For example, if a 'next day' guaranteed service is ordered, the 'next day' will be calculated from the date that the Consignment is collected.
4.3 Deliveries are made on Working days only. Saturday deliveries are available to book online but are not guaranteed. Refund of the Saturday surcharge will be applied if delivery is not made on the relevant Saturday.
4.4 Please be advised that Cargo to Pakistan do not track parcels and as such it is the responsibility of the customer to track their own parcels, and to advise us if there are any problems. Tracking is available through our Web site or by contacting our Customer Service department. Tracking is available up to a period of 12 weeks from sending. After that stage the tracking number may be re allocated to a new shipment.
4.5 Cargo to Pakistan Ltd can only deliver to a full street address. We cannot deliver to a PO Box or BFPO address unless a telephone number is provided. If a Consignment has to be returned for this reason, no refund will be given.
4.6 Deliveries will be made to the address on the item, main front door, reception or goods in. The drivers will not deliver to individual department or Block numbers. Deliveries may be made to a neighbouring address if the delivery point is out, but only if the goods can be signed for.
4.7 A telephone number for the receiver is required for each Consignment (for example so that the receiver can be called in the event of an address query). Cargo to Pakistan will not re ship or refund any returned item if a telephone number has not been provided and the Carrier has been unable to arrange delivery because a phone number has not been provided.
4.8 Cargo to Pakistan services are generally offered door to door. This means that we will arrange for pick up from one address and a drop off at another and gain a signature on delivery. If the Consignee is out or unavailable goods may be left with a neighbour if they are available to sign or leave within an area that is deemed 'safe' and the driver is able leave the goods out of sight and out of weather.
5. Restricted Items
5.1 We strongly recommend that you do not send Restricted Items using our service. This is because such items are fragile, dangerous or otherwise inappropriate to be carried by our services and Network. Should you proceed to send such goods you do so at your own risk understanding that the item will be covered for Loss only and excluded from any damage cover?
5.2 In the event of damage a restricted item may be held for collection by the Customer. This may be the case if the goods are prohibited and cannot be sent through the system or damaged to such an extent that onward forwarding is not possible. If this is the case you will be notified in writing that goods must be collected within 7 days following this point they will be discarded. If the goods are so badly damaged that the contents are destroyed or that the goods pose a Health & Safety risk then they may be immediately discarded, again you will be notified in writing.
5.3 In addition you should note that if you send a restricted item, this may cause damage to other Consignments being carried and you may ultimately be liable for loss to those other Consignments if the senders of those Consignments seek to pursue you.
5.4 Items over 70kg being carried on European Express Road Service must be palletised.
6. Prohibited Items
6.1 PROHIBITED ITEMS MUST NOT BE SENT USING OUR SERVICES. Sending a Prohibited Item using our services is contrary to these terms of use. If a Consignment which contains a Prohibited Item is lost or damaged, you will not be able to make a claim for any Transit Cover or other claim from Cargo to Pakistan relating to any loss or damage to such items (and Cargo to Pakistan hereby limits its liability accordingly).
6.2 In addition to our prohibition of the carriage of Prohibited Items, hazardous / dangerous goods are strictly prohibited from our services. Failure to declare hazardous / dangerous goods could lead to you being prosecuted where unlimited fines and imprisonment are possible. Please note that the list of Prohibited/Restricted items which relate to our services is not an exhaustive list of what could be considered to be hazardous or dangerous.
6.3 Item/s sent within a hazardous box will be classed as such, strictly prohibited. Please do not reuse old hazardous boxes.
6.4 In addition you should note that if you send a Prohibited Item, this may cause damage to other Consignments being carried and you may ultimately be liable for loss to those other Consignments if the senders of those Consignments seek to pursue you
7. Severability
If any part of these terms of use is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, the enforceability of any other part of these terms will not be affected.
8. Governing Law
These terms of use and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between us.
9. Statutory Right
These terms of use do not remove any statutory right which you have as a consumer which cannot be excluded.
10. Rights of Third Parties
A party who is not a party to this agreement (such as a receiver) cannot enforce the terms to this agreement, whether under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.
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