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Swift delivery
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24/7 customer service
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Scheduled on-time Departures
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How to send Shipments via Air Cargo from the UK to Pakistan?

Airmail is something that originated initially from the First World War, where commercial planes usage began. From there on, it kicked up and has never stopped since. Sending cargo via air has been in the cargo business for decades now. The world’s largest courier and cargo companies ship via air.

A lot of companies still ship via sea but the majority of them ship via air. These days, planes have gotten so much bigger than they were in the past. They can carry so much weight than they did before. With the advancement in technology, more and more weight can be carried via planes nowadays, and time for travelling keeps shrinking. But, it is important to know what air cargo exactly is to have a better idea about how it operates.

What is Air Cargo?

Air cargo means using a plane to send shipments via door-to-door shipping anywhere in the world in a swift time. For those who do not care about how much it costs to deliver the items, airmail is the best service for him.

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Cargo via air can be shipped in a variety of ways by using many kinds of planes. The most common way is using a passenger aircraft to send your items. Freight is usually placed in the belly of those planes. The most common example is the A320 and the A380, or if you want to look at Boeing, the most common instance from that variant is the 737.

The second way of sending cargo via air is the On-Board Courier. In this process, a member of the airline acts as someone working for a cargo service and carries some items with him to the delivery destination. This is limited to very urgent delivery but very small valuable goods or documents.

The third and most probably the most used method of sending air cargo is via freighters, which are also called cargo aircrafts. In those cargo planes, the nose of the plane is opened, and all the stuff is put inside the place. Usually, heavy stuff can be sent via this method as well. All the big multinational companies have these huge places for delivery of parcels, couriers and heavy shipments.

Air Cargo the Best Cargo Business

According to a 2016 report by IATA, Fifty Two metric tons of cargo was sent to many parts of the world using air mail. When we talk about value, this equates to over 35 percent of the total world cargo by value. So, these facts don’t lie. Air cargo is the future and all items are delivered in a very swift time using freighters.

Cargo To Pakistan Air Services

The whole procedure from sending cargo then getting the item picked is quite difficult. But, having said that, if you end up choosing a great courier service, then you’ll end up being super relaxed about your products being delivered.

Cargo To Pakistan has its offices in the whole of UK to ensure that you can easily send goods to Azad Kashmir and Pakistan in a hassle-free process. We give you two options; either our representatives will come to pick your item from your door or you can drop your item off in one of our offices directly, and we’ll do the rest.

We have sent thousands of shipments till now, and have honed our skills so far that we can proudly say that we are the best cargo service currently operating in the UK for transporting your belongings to Pakistan and all areas of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

You can check further details about our rates for different shipments from our website directly. You can enter your personal details, item size and all the other necessary details to check rates specifically for you. Cargo To Pakistan rates are very affordable, and we assure our customers to deliver the shipments in as quick a time as possible.

Pros of Air Cargo Services

There is nothing in this world which only has advantages. Everything has its own pros and cons. Similarly, air cargo also has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of airmail shipping service is that it is the fastest shipment method currently available. It is much faster than sea cargo, and that is why it is being used a lot in the world these days.

Secondly, the departure and arrival timings of airmail services are impeccable to say the least. It is the most reliable freight service ever made, and rarely gets late from its scheduled timeframe. Thirdly, one can virtually send his courier anywhere he wants. Using sea cargo, one cannot easily send stuff to land-locked countries.

The containers are first unloaded at a nearby port in another country, and trucks then take it to the desired country. This is a very time consuming procedure on top of delays in customs and other stuff in sea cargo already. So, airmail also gets the edge on this part as well.

Security on all airports around the world is usually very tight. This means that shipments sent via airmail also have more chance of being saved from all kinds of theft. This ensures that no intruders or outsiders can get his hands on your valuables.

Permissible Products to be sent

There was some issue about batteries and how they could be sent in the past, but that time has long gone. Airmail is the best option for those intending to transport laptops, smartphones and all kinds of electronic appliances from the United Kingdom to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. One is also allowed to send refrigerators, Televisions, Microwave Ovens and Kitchen hoods etc.

Prohibited Things for Air Mail

Cargo To Pakistan allows several instances of items to be sent to Pakistan from the UK. But, having said that, there are several goods strictly banned from sending anywhere. These include explosives like firecrackers, compressed gas, gasoline, engine oil, matches, batteries, magnets, radioactive stuff, chemicals and all kinds of other harmful stuff.

Shipping to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir

Cargo To Pakistan provides an extremely efficient but low-cost solution to all your problems and issues related to sending cargo to Pakistan from the UK. Pakistanis living anywhere in the UK can avail the most affordable rates for sending parcels and other cargo. Our cargo service covers all major cities and airports of Pakistan. So, delivering your items from the airport to all parts of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir wouldn’t be difficult.

Cargo To Pakistan is the only company which delivers not only to all areas of Pakistan but also to all places in Azad Kashmir. From Muzaffarabad to Mirpur, you can have your luggage delivered anywhere you want. Feel free to knock our door with your queries. We’ll be really content to help you out.

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