About our Company

Cargo to Pakistan is all about fulfilling your shipping needs to Pakistan and beyond. We believe in taking utmost care of your shipment no matter the shape and size. We pick it up from anywhere in the UK and deliver to anywhere in Pakistan including Mirpur and Azad Kashmir. We offer unbeatable service at unmatchable prices. We also take pride in being the best customer service in the cargo industry.

Mission Statement

Principles we stand for
Cargo to Pakistan stands for performance, security and safety and a commitment to ship everything wherever in the world. We deliver world class specialised services within the competitive market of sending cargo to Pakistan.

If you are shipping a small parcel, excess luggage, luggage or cargo, we offer unmatchable excellent logistics services. We are proud to offer our customers reliability, first class service and unbeatable savings on our diverse range of shipping options from UK to Pakistan.
Vision we believe in
Our vision goes beyond just sending shipping goods, we believe in unmatched understanding of various aspect like agility and passion. These qualities differentiate us from others in the sector and our ability to serve endless horizons, with focus on customer satisfaction through personalized services makes us a shining star in this industry.
Magnificent Services we offer
Our ability to offer worldwide networking, security & reliability, speed of distribution, value added services and effective communication in the most proficient manner is icing on the cake. Our integration of developing a team approach between customers and ourselves lets us deliver management solutions to maximise output and cost effectiveness. We believe in higher levels of customer satisfaction and productivity.
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