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Dec 16, 2016

Chinese industrialists to install high-tech industries along CPEC in Pakistan

The industrial and ultra-commercial phase of China-Pakistan economic corridor Gwadar Port goes to kick-off very quickly and in order to complete the CPEC, Chinese industrialists and traders are allowed to install best high-tech industries along the different routes which do not have any bad impact on the present industries working in Pakistan, said the government official for the CPEC progress and project refinements.

The China Pakistan economic corridor development is taking place at rapid pace and the director of development was speaking to the delegation of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and industry (FCCI) that met him and described him concerning the reservations of the regional industrialists. The vice chairman Engineer Ahmed Hassan was heading the delegation at the time of meeting in Faisalabad.

What FCCI Chairman stated?

The FCCI head stated that China-Pakistan economic corridor has three predominant perspectives together with geo-strategic, regional integration and industrial cooperation. He mentioned that Chinese industrialists cannot manage to pay for any conflict at any stage with the Pakistani industrialists and it was once recognize that they favored to be aware of Gwadar Port. He stated that three routes were proposed to link kashgar in China with Gwadar Port in Baluchistan Pakistan including eastern, western and central routs which can be anticipated to accomplish by 2018.

He also mentioned that land is now being bought for the development of industries in Gwadar with a purpose to usher a brand new generation of new business in Pakistan.

Power generation and Cargo Trains across Pakistan

He stated that Chinese can even established coal-fired power stations and they are already working on number of mega projects in Pakistan.

The power generation is the most imperative part of the Economic Corridor and there will be a network of cargo trains that will allow swift delivery of port to port cargo across the country.

Iran and Turkey interested in CPEC

He expressed delight over the keen curiosity proven by Iran and Turkey to be the part of the China Pakistan economic corridor and stated that Pakistan may also have direct access to international market by these link roads and deep sea port.

He stated that spade work has already been started to equip Pakistani youth with fundamental knowledge so that it will help the Pakistani youth to be skilled according to the requirements of the Chinese industrialists.

Working cooperation among the corporations

He instructed that working corporations could have demonstration of the entire region and FCCI must present its idea through their associated province for discussion in the working staff. He additionally advised that 36 financial zones could be situated along CPEC which will create 1000’s of jobs but additionally gear up the percent of progress and prosperity.

Related to Gwadar Port, he mentioned that it is of strategic value and can minimize burden of cargo on the Karachi and Port Qasim which might be closely overloaded.

He mentioned, that the project officials are trying that the historical and depleted Chinese technological knowledge should enter in to Pakistan under any CPEC undertaking but it will not going to hurt any existing industry in Pakistan.

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