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Jan 27, 2016
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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has been protected by Pakistan Navy Special Marine Battalion at the Gwadar Port and its surroundings

Pakistan has started all-round surveillance at Gwadar port and this opportunity has been given to Pakistan Navy special Marine battalion. The Gwadar Port has been protected with the commencement of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

Pakistan Navy Special Battalion

A Pakistan Navy special Marine Battalion has specially asked to raise the security of the port.

Chinese engineers and officials of the china sea shipping authority are residing the port and on the limited bases the operations have been started. Engineers and delegates are visiting the port regularly.

Gwadar in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

In the China-Pakistan economic corridor, Gwadar is the main destination and has a great importance as the starting point from the Pakistan side. The Gwadar is newly built deep water port  in front of the straight of Hormuz of Persian sea, but it is situated in the Arabian Sea.

This port will link the western Region of Chinese industrial province Xinjing via a great network of roads, highways, motorways and trains. Gwadar port is the backbone of the CPEC project between both countries, China and Pakistan. Pakistan Navy makes strenuous efforts for ensuring comprehensive security for the foreigners and the locals.

CPEC as Economic Hub

China Pakistan economic corridor has opened a window of the  opportunity for developing the country on very modern bases and boosts the economy of Pakistan to set it to become an economic hub which will connect the Middle East with central Asian countries.

There are several giant economies in the central Asia, to whom this corridor will feed in the future. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the western corridor last month. It was a multibillion dollar project as he broke the ground on the vital upgradation of the N-50 from hob to Mughal Kot and the N-70 from Qila Saifullah to Wagum. It is one of the main arteries in the CPEC Route.


CPEC has a 3 ,000 kilometers  wide network of roads, railways and pipelines for the transportation of the oil and gas from Gwadar port to the Kashgar city of China in the northern province of Xinjinang.

The northern province of Xinjiang is an industrial region of China and works as a backbone of the Chinese economy. This economic route will further feed the silk route envisages linking more than three billion people in  Asia, Africa and Europe.

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