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Nov 23, 2017
Cargo Transportation

Foggy weather creates hurdles in delivery of goods in time

Winter in subcontinent slowdowns the cargo business

Cargo business requires good and open weather conditions. Weather has direct relation with cargo transportation and cargo travelling. Winter in subcontinent is very harsh season and without proper arrangement you can’t move forward. Now the winter season has set in Pakistan and cargo business became to slow down due to fog and mist.

Travelling on GT Road is not without danger. Air traffic is disturbed as well and sea transportation is delayed due to improper movements. Fog and misty atmosphere creates problem in transportation directly. In this season cargo business goes down.

Fog is the real hurdle in cargo transportation

In winter season, fog, mist and smog is the real problem in travelling and transportation of people and things from one place to the other place. Now Pakistan is in dense smog and fog. Due to this condition transportation on roads and air traffic is badly disturbed. Cargo transportation travels but on the speed of a snail.

When you are working in a chain and a part of a big loop your delay means the whole chain will be disturbed. Due to this delay the international cargo business attached with Pakistan and sub-continent is disturbed. It is natural and acceptable because no one can do anything against nature.

Cost fluctuates in this season due to safety risks

In open and running cargo season cargo freight rates remain stable but in these conditions when paths are not clear, roads become slippery and travelling are problematic then cost of cargo travelling varies and fluctuates due to safety risks.

Sea Cargo freight rates arise little bit due to un-availability of transportation. Transporters feels hesitation to move their transport in this season, so artificial scarceness of transportation affects the transportation charges overall.  This phenomenon affects the whole cargo chain from the beginning till end.

In winter season inland travelling from northern areas is limited and restricted due to foggy atmosphere

Pakistan is a vast land with flat plains, deserts and high mountains with will full of life. Fresh fruit of winter comes from northern part of the country but in this weather travelling is difficult, especially on hills so cargo transportation of fruits and coal and other products of northern areas are restricted and arrive in plains and markets of Punjab in limited quantity. Products production and availability in the market can change the rate of products. Prices go up due just to un-availability of fluent traffic or loading and travelling but it is quite natural.

Weather does matter in cargo business

Weather is an important partner in cargo business and in the movement of cargo goods from one place to the other place of the country. Open weather means open travelling and transportation system is in good regime condition but in bad weather conditions the travelling and delivery of goods delay or even postponed.

This is natural and it is a part of life and these factors are pre calculated by cargo companies, supplier and buyers.  There is no business which moves on three sixty-five days so it is affordable but pinching time for cargo, transportation and travelling.

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