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Nov 18, 2019
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No apparent threat for the two in any future cargo exchange and trade

With a stable economy and progressing towards a better place to business, UK products could be marketed well to young aspirant Pakistanis. Recent indicators by the world financial institutes have been encouraging traders in the UK to think Pakistan as a market for their products.

Pakistan is also keen to improve its ties further in post Brexit times so both sides have their interests to transform their decade’s old cordial relations to productive relations. As bilateral trade between the two countries will improve cargo companies offering services in the UK will get maximum benefit.

There are some cargo companies that have been offering specialized services of cargo to Pakistan from UK. These companies have a good network in Pakistan and by using it they offer delivery at the doorstep in all cities of the country.

Cargo companies are eager to enhance their business and free trade among countries is the best source of this. More trade means more movement of goods which is carried out through these service providers.

There are good numbers of UK citizens of Pakistani origin and they play a vital role in the improvement of relations between the two countries.

With these efforts, both countries are heading towards more relaxations

In recent years much work has been done in this regard and governments on both sides encouraged traders and businessmen to find opportunities and work upon them. The language barrier is not there so businessmen of both countries have different joint forums which meet and suggest a way forward to the authorities.

With these efforts, both countries are heading towards more relaxations for trade between the two. Britain is a big Cargo trade hub of the world and Pakistan is a market of over 200 million people. In this way, British traders can sell their goods to the people of Pakistan.

Trade preference scheme for developing countries

One thing which the UK is still agreeing on when it comes to trade with Pakistan is that even if there will be a hard exit the government will work on its own trade preference scheme. This scheme is for developing countries.

The UK government is specific to give the same relief to Pakistan as it was before according to EU rules. The new name under the new state will be ‘Enhanced Framework’ when it comes under the UK solely.

This scheme will continue to give the same duty-free and quota-free access to the country’s market.

Improving the economy in developing countries

Trade is one of the best ways to support a developing country and make it rise from problems. The UK is doing the same and is focused to do in future. There are efforts from the businesses in the UK or their branches in Pakistan.

But one thing which no one can deny is that the change in the pattern of trade in the UK will affect its international market one way or another. It is not known for now as there is still time to reach the day.

How much relaxation will be there and in what way things are going to be managed countries are waiting to see that.

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