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Nov 6, 2019
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Common mistakes while sending your belongings across the sea

Sending cargo across the country is big business nowadays but people who are not frequent do not know the appropriate way to send or pack their personal belongings. There are two main things you should keep in mind while sending your belongings to Pakistan from the UK which are, what and how to send things.

For the question of what there is an obvious answer that you want to send some gifts or house holding stuff, maybe some gifts or any machinery to your friends or family back there in Pakistan.

But the thing is, you are not allowed to send anything anywhere across the world as there are few restrictions and few things are prohibited to ship. Do you know that? If no then it is time to check the list and make sure that your cargo doesn’t contain any of such items.

Prohibited items to send

Why you are not allowed to send anything in Pakistan from the UK? Don’t be panic, there is a reason behind every rule of law. You are not allowed to send especially any item which holds lithium-containing batteries. Do you still want to know the reason?

During the past few years, there were few incidents witnessed of blasting of lithium-containing batteries. If you want to send laptops to Pakistan or cell phones or any other thing which relies on lithium batteries. It is suggested to unpack your parcel because it not going to happen. You cannot send such things by sea or air cargo to Pakistan.

Either than them, you cannot send drugs, wild animals, pets, ammunition, pornography containing material, dairy products, gems or precious stones, jewellery, cash, edibles, dry food, dry fruit, cereals, precious piece of art, plants, organic or inorganic chemicals and alcohol.

If your parcel contains any from such items it is suggested to not to send your parcel and open it immediately. If you still try to end such stuff you will face embarrassment when front desk cargo shipping officer open your package in front of you. And that time, definitely you take your stuff back with you to your home.

Packing of the parcel is another difficult task you have to do

You want to ship your cargo to Pakistan safe and swift which is why you try to hire a good cargo company but what is your parcel lost or damage or destroy during shipping? Who is responsible? Maybe it is you. It is so obvious if you do not pack your stuff properly how can you want Cargo Company to deliver your package safely there in Pakistan?

Where packing cargo to Pakistan is a difficult task for infrequent individuals there selecting appropriate packing material is also gives you a hard time. What it would be? Metallic boxes? Or the plastic box is reasonable? Or should I go with hardboard for packing? There are so many questions you have in your mind right now.

Yes, it is true that by only appropriate packing material you can save your thousands of bucks. But the question is how it could be possible? Here we are suggesting you few tips which not just beneficial in the sense of security of your parcel but also it would cut your cost of shipping as well.

Packing materials can make your pocket lighter and your parcel heavier

No, I’m not a frequent cargo sender. Yes, I do not know how to pack my parcel properly. Now can you please help me? Before you start crying on your fussy situation and asking for help. Let me assist you. Start with packing material. Grab bubble wrap sheet, solution tape, cartons and this is all. Yes, this is enough to make your parcel safe and secure while shipping it to Pakistan from the UK.

Wrap your parcel in bubble wrap sheet. Then put it in the carton and pack it. This is all you have to do. Bubble wrap sheet protect your precious personal belonging from all type of damages. Both things are not just light in weight but also best for packing things as well.

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