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Nov 16, 2017
Sea Cargo

Pakistan sea cargo companies are working well by using best sea routes

Sea cargo transportation is the best medium to use

Transportation of cargo is the real thing in this business. There are different medium to transport things and cargo goods. Air traffic, road networks, railway tracks and Sea Cargo are the popular medium of transportation. Each medium has its own importance. Air traffic is the fastest medium in transportation but it’s too much expensive and just for limited cargo deal. Road networks are very important but required good links between two destinations.

Railway tracks or railway links are very good links but restricted one. Sea cargo is the most important and reasonable source of cargo transportation.

Sea cargo is the most important medium

Sea cargo transport is the most important cargo transportation method. It is the right medium to use due to its cost, security, and movement in huge bulk. The whole cargo business of the world revolves in the sea and oceans. Water is the right medium to move the wheel of the economy of the world. Sea cargo transportation is the definite solution of cargo business. Sea cargo companies are giants in them and have trillion-dollar budget annually to maintain the business in the whole world. Sea movement is the real source of dry port terminal traffic.

Sea cargo freight rates fluctuate with seasons

As we discussed above that it is the right medium to move things around the globe. Cargo charges and Freight Rates are also important factors in cargo transportation.

Freight rate is the real thing in this business and it changes or fluctuates. With little bit fluctuation of freight, rates can change the whole scene. Both things are attached to each other. The whole business revolves around freight rates and freight rate can change the business domain. Seasonal wave or seasonal pressure and the seasonal bulk of cargo business vary. In winter, closed days are very tough due to heavy rains and snow falling, most of the oceans are frozen and traffic is restricted or moves very slow. In summer seasons, business is open and the vessel movements are free. These factors count in freight rates of cargo traveling and transportation.

Mother vessels need more weight to move

Mother or main big containers need weight to manage their expenses. Mother vessels require a huge amount of cargo to move in deep seas. Mother vessels and main containers require a big amount of weight and cargo goods of different destinations so they touch the main hubs of the world to gather the good sum of bulk over them to maintain their own expense not to maintain the expense only but to give profit to its company.

There are very limited companies which have mother vessels or big containers. There is no competition at all. So freight rate for mother vessels is totally different than the common or short sized ships. This type of vessels almost reaches their destinations in weeks.

Karachi port is working properly

Several mother vessels touch Karachi port or harbor due to its latest place in business after getting CPEC in south Asia. South Asia and Pakistan have good and big markets so different types of mother vessels touch it several time.

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