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Aug 17, 2017

Cargo freight rate is directly affected if road network is not good and operational

Grand Trunk Road (G.T Road) is the main stream of the whole trade and transportation of Pakistan

Grand Trunk (G.T) Road of Pakistan is the single National Highway that connects the two different poles of the country, from Peshawar (KPK) to Karachi. It is the most effective route to the Pakistan and there is no alternate route or any parallel route to move between the countries. It has different branches that connect different major cities of the country with it.

They are also called National Highways but not Grand Trunk Roads. This is like the main river that is flowing in the center of the country and other Highways are small streams that fall into it after some interval. G.T road of Pakistan is like the main stem of the tree with different main branches attached with it. They are branch roads that connect with G.T road.

Good route access also reduces the cost of cargo delivery

Cargo shipping charges are very important in the cargo business. If the connectivity of different destinations is good with good road network than the cargo freight cost comes down automatically due to the usage of fuel or if destinations are not connected well with Highways or Branch roads, then the freight rate goes up, once again the usage of fuel affects the Cargo Freight Rates.

Major roads and their network work like blood circulation system of human body. If this system works well then human body remains healthy and if there are any hurdle and problem occurred, the fluency of the blood is disturbed and human machinery can’t work properly, same like that good road connectivity is necessary to move on the wheel of the economy of any country via transportation or trade.

Road network of Pakistan is the strongest medium of cargo carriage

Connectivity of distant places with road networks is the key to success of any economy. If you have a good road network in your country, then it means the inland trade is strong and you if have good final exits from your country then it is the most feasible to your economy.

Though life goes on very fast and there is thousands fast medium to transport things from one place to the other place but the importance of road network cannot be denied. It is the main source of connectivity of cities to villages, fields to markets and inland markets to international markets.

Facility to all kind of transport to move from one end of the country to the other

As we discussed above that it is the main stream line that is used by the transport of Cargo to Pakistan, so trade, cargo business, and goods career vehicles move on it day and night for the whole year. It plays an important role in generating revenue for the economy.

All major industries of Pakistan are on it to give better access to raw material to the industries and best connectivity of final products from this raw material to the international markets via ports and dry ports. For good and strong economy, good access is the main thing and G.T Road provides this access to the industry of Pakistan to international markets.

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