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Oct 30, 2017
Railway Network

International railway network along with CPEC will bring a huge wave in cargo section

Inter-countries railway route for cargo will bring fruits for Pakistan

Railway network was the most effective medium in first and second world wars. Railway tracks and railway routes can change the scene at once. It gives you the best access and service with low cost anywhere in the world. It is considered the best land route used by human beings for transportation goods and people. Railway network of Pakistan has its own importance. It has its effective web to cover the whole country. It is one of the major transportation systems of Cargo to Pakistan along with road network.

It is the cheapest way to transport cargo from one place to the other place of the country, still

Though in Pakistan railway network was neglected for decades it has its importance and it is considered and used as a best and cheapest route or medium to transport goods and cargo. Railway Freight Rate is the most suitable rate for the public to transport their goods from one corner to the other corner of the country.

Intra-country railway track has its own importance for the economy of the country and for public transportation along with cargo transportation. It connects almost all major markets and cities of the country and provides good access from one place to the other place.

Inter-countries railway route is welcomed by the whole region

Due to CPEC, a new gate for international trading and cargo transportation has been opened. Pakistan is the main country of this project. Due to its geopolitical condition, Pakistan has very importance in the region and by developing and opening new international railway routes there will be a huge wave of international trade and business occurred in near future. CPEC though is between China and Pakistan but the neighbor countries of Pakistan and China will get also their share in the fruit of this railway route.

China has welcomed any further diplomatic development in this connection. Russia wants to join CPEC and has given an indication to lay railway track from Russia to Pakistan and China. Not only big countries of the region but out of the region, countries have welcomed this Project of Inter-countries railway track assumption.

Railway is the best and cheapest medium of transport on land

Railway network is the cheapest medium of transportation, so it is welcomed by all neighboring countries to use in future to transport things from one country to the other countries of the region and beyond the regions such as Europe has shown interest to join CPEC via railway network. Russia will play a vital role in this connection to spread CPEC from China and Pakistan to itself and beyond its borders till the end of Europe. All countries know very well that by this railway route they will save a huge amount, so everyone is in trying to welcome this route for its future trades and cargo supply with or for the rest of the world.

Pakistan railway plays key role in CPEC

CPEC is a corridor between Pakistan and China for trade and business and this railway track is very important for both countries, so both countries give importance to lay railway track to continue cargo traffic with cheap rates.

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