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Apr 6, 2017

PIA despite shortage of Cargo fleet, doing well in this business

PIA cargo operations and services rendered to its clients

PIA is a prestigious Airline of Pakistan. It travels all over the world. Passengers are in high numbers that use this Airline frequently. Some special routes are doing good business. From UK to Pakistan is its best route. PIA has also direct flight to Europe. These two routes are the most profitable for the company and for the country as well. Huge numbers of people of Pakistan live in this region and they proudly travel in their National Flag Carrier. PIA deals not only in passengers’ transportation but in Cargo from UK to Pakistan operations it is the utmost choice of the people of Pakistan living abroad especially in UK and European Union. PIA facilitates them well by rendered good quality Cargo service at economical and cheap rates.

What is an Air Cargo?

As we have road maps and routes to transport people from one place to the other place and transport things and goods from one market to another market, same there are Air routes for transportation people and goods. There is a common thinking that there is just sea Cargo that can handle Cargo business but the reality is different from it, no doubt that sea Cargo is the main channel to transport things but Air Cargo is also in operation. Air Cargo means that you have planned to send things, goods and Cargo from one place to the other place by Air traffic. It is the speediest way to transport things. PIA has its own Cargo routes, timetables and Cargo policies to deal in this business with all over the world efficiently. Its routes to Europe and UK are direct flight routes from Pakistan to UK and Europe and vice versa without any stay so clients and customers privilege to book their Cargo in National Flag Carrier.

How to book a Cargo shipment in PIA

PIA has its own schedule to UK and Europe. It is based on the availability of the passengers for this route. PIA has two or three flights to UK and Europe in a week. If you have planned to book your Cargo shipment in PIA Air Cargo, then come to the nearest office of PIA and complete the formal documentation about your consignment, if there is no office near to you then approved agents for different Airlines deal in Cargo on the behalf of their Airlines. Airlines office staff is well trained and experienced in dealing. They get complete information about the shipper and the consignee, moreover what is Cargo type. Under ICAO policy of Cargo and the security policies of different countries some Cargo material is restricted so each airline doesn’t take that type of Cargo. After complete documentation you, a Cargo receiving bill has been delivered to you by the Airline officer or by the approved agents of specific Airline. One copy is attached with the cargo.

Then you are free and PIA or any airline starts its work. The nearest available flight on the specific routes are checked, availability of space is checked and then put the Cargo in the right plane for its destination.

Some airlines deal with odd size Cargo

This is the catastrophe for Pakistan that the National Flag Carrier has not enough aircrafts in its fleet that deals Cargo separately. Passenger planes are used for Cargo. The space is limited because luggage of passengers is the first priority of Airline, if there is spare space or place remaining then agents booked your Cargo. Pakistan International Airlines Cargo deals with limited items of Cargo. Some other international Airlines have special cargo planes in their fleet with special design to load and unload all approved cargo for different destinations all over the world. In this connection sea cargo is the best because there is always plenty of space available for all types and sizes of cargo.

PIA Cargo Tariff is based on international rules

Cargo tariff is the most important factor in this business. Sea cargo is the cheapest medium to transport cargo or goods from one place to another place but it takes lot of time. PIA Air Cargo business publishes its rates on annual basis for different routes of the world.

The standard system is based on payment on per kilogram. Rates can fluctuate regarding International stock market or the position of Dollar. Dollar is considered as the basic unit of international business so fluctuation in Dollar rates may cause ups and downs in cheapest cargo to Pakistan rates.

PIA deals with human remains efficiently

Man is mortal and death is certain. PIA has special arrangement in its Aircrafts to transport human remains. It is including in the policy of PIA to transport human remains back to its native place without any special charges. There is a large Muslim community of Pakistan lives in UK and European Union, so PIA obliges its people at any cost. After completion of all necessary documentation, PIA deals in transporting human remains efficiently.

Un-accompanied Cargo is also welcomed by PIA Cargo

Un-accompanied cargo is a cargo or luggage of a passenger that doesn’t want to take it with him or her in the same plane in which he or she has to travel. It is booked in advance by the passenger for convenience. PIA deals with this type of Cargo with pleasure with some strict rules and restrictions to avoid any misshapen. Passenger must be available for booking that type of cargo with its travelling documents and all necessary documents required for international travelling.

PIA Cargo compensates its clientage in damaged or loss of goods

PIA is a responsible national institute. It takes good care of its clients and Pakistan cargo. There are tight rules and regulations to avoid any misshapen in the form of damage or loss of goods and cargo. The compensation is offered as per the international conventions like the Warsaw Convention and the Hague Protocol. General specific rules are for all kind of goods and cargo applied. For valuable items the value of item must be mentioned on the document for compensation.

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