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Mar 3, 2017

Cargo from UK to Pakistan generates the real revenue for the National Flag Carrier

PIA Cargo service is banned temporarily by the British Authority due to security reasons

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) spokesperson gave the statement about temporarily restricted Cargo Services from Pakistan to UK and Europe.

A calamity for the PIA Cargo Department

PIA is recognized as the main International Airlines of Pakistan but is also used for Cargo Operation from and to International destinations. From UK to Pakistan Cargo services and vice versa the situation is very good  for transportation of people from one place to the other for any domestic airline of Pakistan, but PIA is the first choice of its people to come back home and to go abroad.

By the restriction on the cargo Operation of PIA, there is a great loss of revenue for the national carrier cargo Division and the people of Pakistan living in the UK are deprived with the fastest and cheapest cargo facility that PIA offered to them.

This is the most busy and revenue generating route for the International Airlines. There is not only a majority who wants to travel in their National Flag but people want to send their goods via Air Cargo Services.

PIA Cargo has a rich history

PIA Cargo has been one of the most revenue generating department of the National Carrier throughout its history. Air Cargo Services is known as Air Express that delivers not only Cargo from one international airport to another but also delivers documents and parcels to their destinations with great efficiency and speed at the cheapest rates.

Pakistan International Cargo Services started in 1974 with two Boeing 707 and 320C aircrafts. At its first cargo flight the National Flag Carrier reached the Middle East and Europe with cargo goods. The cargo operation was terminated in 1990 due to the age of both aircrafts.

After that PIA Cargo Transport Division arranged the alternatives and continued its cargo operation not only in domestic flights but in International flights also. PIA Cargo transports goods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, textiles, paper products and laboratory equipments along with postal mail.

PIA officials took the notice seriously to resolve the issue as early as possible and raised the point that the restrictions are just on national flag carrier cargo operations and not any other private airlines of Pakistan. Though PIA uses Boeing-777 and Airbus-310 aircraft for its Cargo Operations, but the British Authority has some other issue.

PIA Speedex is an efficient Cargo Service

In 2003 PIA launched, PIA Speedex a courier service which deals in cargo also. After domestic services PIA widened its boundaries and touched major International Airports such as Cologne and Amsterdam. The aircraft used in this cargo operation are chartered through MNG Airlines.

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