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Feb 22, 2017

Some advices that can make your work easy with surety

Most of the times people are confused about sending a food item from UK to Pakistan, either on special occasions or as a routine surprise. The main question that rises is that whether they can send everything to such a long distance and it will remain in its original condition.

The answer is very simple there are some eatables that can be send as cargo and some that are restricted and cannot be transported to the country due to its policy about their imports. Same is the case that some can be send as a parcel while there are some that have to be hurled in containers in form of shipment.

Things to consider while exporting food items:

To substantiate that the food item you are going to export Cargo to Pakistan or anywhere in the world reaches its destination at time and in its original condition, some things should be considered so that the delay which can become a loss for the consignee, can be avoided.

Canned items: These are the food items that are preserved in cans and are tightly packed by the company. Due to proper packing chances of spilling or getting spoiled are nil until unless a serious accident happens. These items can be transported in parcel form by a courier service in normal temperature and there is no chance of it getting waste due o less shelf life. Many canned items are preserved for as long as six months.

Perishable items: In case the food has less shelf life and is liable to get rotten due to temperature problem or they are of the kind that can spill, they are not sent in parcel form. Such items include fruits and vegetables. They can only be sent by shipment either by ocean or air in temperature controlled containers handled by skilled staff on board.

Policy of Pakistan Government for sending Food Items:

The food that is to be imported to Pakistan either in parcel form or as shipment has to meet the policy of Pakistan authorities in this regard. In 2013 amendment was done in the list of food items that are to be checked before entering the boundaries of Pakistan. A custom official checks the pure food standard to determine whether the edible is appropriate or up to standard to enter the country.

Use Proper Packaging:

One of the most important things to be considered is that how the food item is packed. Packing the food in the right way is very important to keep the food safe and in the right condition.

Use a Strong Packing Container:

A strong packing carton should be used to avoid any bump, strain or leakage. It will make sure that the food will not get ruined by any mishaps that have the possibility to happen.

Use fresh Carton:

Always a fresh container should be used to pack the eatables due to the reason that the strength of a used container becomes less and it can become a reason for damaging the items inside.

Use a right sized Carton:

It has always been helpful to pack an article in appropriate box so that it may remain intact till it reaches to the receiver. Different types of materials are available that can be used in accordance to the safety of particular kind of goods. Loose packaging can allow the wear and tear of the item. If it becomes difficult to find a proper size then the rest of the space left behind can be filled with packing material. Over loading a box can make the box burst open and if less items are placed in the box then it result in collapsing.

Proper Packing:

The safety of goods can be assured by placing them away from the walls with packing material placed between the wall and the eatable. The things should be packed separately and with some material in between to avoid collision. For this there are many options present as screwed-up newspaper, bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, expanded polystyrene foam or foam rubber gabber.

Specifications of Food Items:

Provide Correct Information: Another must do is to have the food items in the original company packed packing so that it has the ingredients written on them. This way it will become easy to check the item for custom clearance and the cargo will not be rejected on base of suspicion of an illegal restricted product that is going to be imported.

Can Withstand Mishandling: The products should be packed in such a way that it can withstand being upside down and sideways turning.

Check Restrictions: Always keep a check on the changing custom clearance policies and rules so that one can know what items are restricted to be imported by a destination country. If you have some doubts about the restricted items than appropriate authorities must be contacted to know the list.

Secure the packing: If a lavish packing is to be used to pack the goods like a decorated basket for a special occasion then it should be secured properly to avoid any strain on the package and spoil the whole decoration. It is always a good site to see an attractive package arriving at the right time on a occasion, but delivery in one piece is essential for this exercise.

List of Food Items that need to be checked for Quality Assurance:

The list contains food items that require check from the authority are as follows.

Apple juice, banaspati, butter, carbonated beverages, bottled drinking water, cooking oil, cotton seed oil cake expeller type, chili powder, concentrated fruit juice, condensed milk, curry powder, edible sesame oil, children food and infants, flavored mild, fruit squash, honey, iodized salt, jams/jellies, margarine, mayonnaise and marmalades, milk powder, natural mineral water, orange juice, palm oil, pickles, refined edible oil, sugar, synthetic vinegar, tea black, turmeric and biscuits. Besides these balanced mixture of livestock feed is also checked for quality assurance. A custom agent said that now these items need certificate from the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) for clearance from the customs.

Also items that contain ingredients which are Haram according to the Islamic laws are also strictly prohibited to enter into the territory.

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