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Feb 8, 2017

For a swift custom clearance on CPEC cargo, separate system is to be proposed by the authorities

Pakistan authorities are making all the efforts to ensure a corruption free trade at Gwadar with respect to CPEC project. In the recent developments, a document showed the proposition of Pakistan Customs to make custom clearance stations so that the process can be made quick and easy for cargo clearance of economic and export zones.

Separate Zones:

The customs authority has proposed to set up separate custom stations for each zone so as to avoid any type of misuse of duty and tax incentives that are being given in CPEC.

Another advantage of this step is that it will spare time at every step of cargo clearance and there will be no confusion and intermingling of the custom clearance processes. To establish industrial zones throughout the country is also anticipated to encourage the establishment of industries.

This will be of advantage not only to China but also Cargo to Pakistan, as it will give access to the world market and export of Pakistani local products will also be made easy and cheap.

Another proposal was to station custom clearance in every industrial zone so as to facilitate the trade process. This will again lessen the time taken at the port and the airport which is still in process of planning. This airport will become a separate hub for trade only.

FBR Suggestion:

FBR has given the suggestion to establish custom dry ports/stations in every zone and draft rules for these stations so as to facilitate the custom related activities. FBR further said that it is the need of the time to take these steps as it will make the handling of trade on such a large scale unproblematic.

Otherwise the scale of corruption can rise to such an extent that it will be out of control, and unlawful entrance of Chinese products in Pakistan or irregulations in tax and duties will be the end result. The effects of smuggling and illegal activities will be direct and serious on Pakistan industry and duty paid products.

It has also been said that the vehicles carrying CPEC cargo will have e-tracking which will make it easy to keep a track of the movement of these vehicles. These vehicles will follow a certain route; these routes are requested to set up custom stations at every 100 kilometer.

Monitoring of Cargo:

Another suggestion by FBR is that online monitoring of these cargo vehicles be made available. This act will ensure the security of the cargo as well as monitoring at the entry and exit points of the port. The cargo is said to be sealed and de-sealed at entry and exit points.

To make the process free of corruption and according to rules and regulations, these acts must be implicated and enforced. The rules employed in the custom zones will help the authorities to rule out any illegitimate activity that can be put into action to gain personal advantages.

Also any damage to the local market of Pakistan will damage the whole economy sooner or later as Pakistan do not rely on imports in terms of its economy, exports also make a large part of it.

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