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Jan 11, 2017

Massive Cargo Booster from China across the Globe via Direct Train Especially in European Cities and Asia

China is planning to set up the new and modern day silk road by way of building roads and railways abroad and is unlikely to change the face of global shipping through Cargo Service. By doing this, the position of Singapore’s key hub port will also be affected a little bit. China is very much ambitious in start this project.

China’s First Rail Freight Service to UK

China is also planning to make further headway in its drive to connect with the rest of the world by high-speed rail when it launched its first rail freight service to Britain on Sunday. This clearly showed that how much eager China is eager to boost its cargo service whether it is Sea Cargo or air cargo.

One Belt, One Road Cargo Initiative by China

China has developed direct trains to 14 cities and the London is the 15th European city to have direct trains from China. This direct train operation is called as one belt, one road and its initiative is taken by the Chinese president Xi Jinping. It aims to boost cargo trade ties with markets across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. It will also create positive impact on Cargo to Pakistan.

The railway corporation of China also announced that the train carries clothes, bags and other items and it will travel more than 12,000 KM over 18 days. It passes through the places such as Kazakhstan, Russia and Germany before it arrives cargo to UK.

What Mr. Victor Wai, Lead Analysts for Ports Said?

A lead analyst for ports at Drewry Financial Research services, Mr, Victor Wai described that all of this means that the cargo shipping is not likely to be replaced by the rail freight services. Further he said, “The cost advantage of sea freight remains significant, especially when containers ships come with economies of scale. High-value or time-sensitive goods will benefit from the shorter transit time, but not general merchandise goods.”

This step of direct trains from China is a clear message to all others like cargo to Pakistan that the cargo business is gearing up. Let’s see what proceedings this project will follow.  

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