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Mar 30, 2015


Emirates airline decides to make luggage rules strict and change its excessive baggage policy for passengers


Make sure to check with Emirates Airline before traveling. Emirates Airline’s baggage policy is already stricter than Pakistan International Airlines that allows 50kg baggage to Pakistan but in the new policy the weight limits for all the cabin classes will remain the same. Previously, passengers were allowed to carry 30 kg in the economy class and 40kg in the business class while 50 kg was allowed for the first-class passengers.


As the weight limits have been flattened for each class, Emirates has enforced some dimensional precautions for the baggage too. The airline says that any belongings exceeding the total dimensions of 118-inch will not be allowed on the plane.

Exceptional cases will apply to the dimensions exceeding 118-inch rule. The baggage will be sent via Air cargo and airline will charge applicable rates.

The items bigger than the prescribed dimensions cannot be transported as checked baggage and the passengers will have to send those items by other means.The officials said, “There are no exceptions to this rule,”

It is advisable to check with the local Emirates office before leaving for Pakistan or choose the easiest option and travel with peace and confidence. Send all your luggage and baggage to Pakistan via cargo. There are several ways to send cargo at the cheapest rates as Emirates Airline do not have any direct flights to Pakistan.

The airline further added that an additional fee will be charged to those passengers who have excessive baggage to carry with. For long haul flights, weight limits are also different where airline allows only 32 kg on all classes.

The officials said in a statement that the airline will not be punishing the passengers for additional baggage, but they will be directly sent to cargo. Emirates have plans to offer discounts to the passengers who are traveling without any luggage.

If an airline discounts the ticket up to 10% for example, it is worth to go without any baggage and send it via cargo to Pakistan at very competitive rates where size and weight never matters.




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