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Aug 21, 2015


DHL Global Forwarding stresses the necessity of a new generation of cold chains for life sciences and healthcare industries and it will also develop the standards of global health


The Healthcare industry  is facing the serious challenges as worldwide demand for costly, structurally complex and temperature-sensitive cargo specialty drugs showed in DHL’s white paper ‘The Smarter Cold Chain: Four basics which every company should accept. Chief executive officer of Deutsche Post DHL Group Frank Appel said that the meaning of surprising changes in the life sciences industry tied with globalization is a chance for health recovery, releasing pain and treatment of disease for a lot of people around the world. He further added that receiving the treatment to patients in the true condition and attaining that objective needs a complex balancing of price and risk.

It highlights the solid connection between trade, logistics and its impression on saving the lives of people around the globe. The transportation of drugs or pharmaceutical items is costly and sensitive. The Validity of a product is vital and with global demand rising hand-in-hand with constantly challenging agreement from regulators, a new generation of cold chains is a serious necessity of the industry to support growing demand and product care.

According to the World Economic Forum, all this arises against a background where global expense on health care is predicted to touch $1.3 trillion by 2018, about one-third rise from spending on health in developing markets by 2020. According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers, specialty drugs, and biologics are growing and the expenditures projected to hit $401.7 billion in five years.

It’s the shipping of very sensitive pharmaceuticals, grows new difficulty to the supply chain industry since they combine particular conditions with high-value cargo.

Their up surged, global demand and supply is expected to fuel about 60 percent increase in cold chain logistics. Angelos Orfanos head of life sciences and healthcare at DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation expresses that non-proper conditions of distorted cold chains could result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of shipment value.

He further says these are high risks and a smarter supply chain is essential to control the challenges, as the life sciences and healthcare industry increases and changes to accomplish the rising needs of the world. Logistics suppliers want investment professionals in research and development as well as proposing the skill required to transfer medication and equipment. It means that healthier logistics can help in to better in healthcare improvement.

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