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Mar 6, 2018
Cargo to Pakistan and Severe Weather Conditions

The United Kingdom is keen to capture the opportunities in emerging markets

Nature is still powerful to disturb setup and schedules of men. It is happening in the United Kingdom and other European countries due to snow and extreme weather conditions. Things keep moving on through their pace may fluctuate or temporarily suspend operations.

Cargo to Pakistan has also suffered little delay due to harsh weather conditions, but it is not that damaging for cargo companies. Usually, flight operations get disturbed and air freight services get delayed but the recent bad weather lasted for few days so no real delivery issue for the service providers was reported.

The companies rendering their services for freight forwarding to subcontinent are facing tough competition but demand is also on the rise. That is why new competitors have been joining the old ones and modernizing this industry for a better experience of clients. People now get rates for their parcels either individual or commercial instantly and they also get information about the location of their consignment.

Increase in penalties is not a good idea

Freight forwarders from London to Pakistan are happy about scraping the plans to penalize for stopping or parking on some routes. That was announced by the transport secretary. The leading organization for the logistics has led this campaign to stop the dramatic increase in penalties for blocking the route.

That seemed unfair for freight operator to be fined for delay in moving goods to and from the city so an increase in fine totally illogical. Even the present rate of charges seems ineffective as most of the motorists have been fined twice. They are of the view that some other solutions need to be sought so that no one gets offended.

Make parking area available for logistics

The suggested increase has been questioned by member parliament as being excessive. Furthermore, they raised concerns about how useful this idea could be to enhance penalty charges.

The spokesperson described the current business scenario that has become tougher due to economic and climate hurdles. But this welcoming move by the authorities is cherished by all the relevant players.

In fact, providing them with parking areas is a good solution so that they may collect and deliver goods on vital routes. In fact on some routes, it is not possible to find a place to stop legally so provide them with the place to stop rather than levying fine.

No one wants to break the law and rules

Generally, drivers don’t want to break rules and laws and to keep a route clear is in everyone’s interest. Many other problems have been discussed with the authorities and their solution would help to expedite the process of exporting to Pakistan and other countries.

Under difficult circumstances these truck drivers keep vehicles moving on busy roads so by facilitating they surely encouraged to act more responsibly. Penalizing them is not the solution but may aggravate the situation further.

These logistics keep British trading moving and locally produced goods get to foreign markets. And in the changing world, this sector has assumed more importance for international trade.

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