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Jul 10, 2015

Bike deliveries are pedalling the cargo into right direction by rapidly urbanising the world and challenging the freight deliveries in the UK

The British media including BBC and The Guardian says that the cargo bikes really are everywhere and taking over the British cities. These rapidly increasing mini cargo delivery bikes are successfully figuring out the challenge of moving goods around the UK and some of its highly congested and un-drivable areas.

BBC reported the same story last year about the bike deliveries when they were about to get a rise and now The Guardian has followed the footsteps of UK’s largest news source and seems to support that claim. The Guardian has also noticed the rapid growth of cargo bikes used for delivery services across the UK cities and even small towns.

An official says that it is very encouraging for the cargo companies to use the bike to deliver cargo when it comes to considerably lower miles such as two or three. It works like a green card for the pollution as it does not emit any kind of carbon, which is a good step towards a great cause, saving the earth.

In the UK, several companies are playing the game of point scoring when it comes to the cause of saving the earth, but it is a truly great step towards relatively green cities. For bigger cargo companies, it is the convenience that counts.  These bikes are playing their role in the UK economy as retails are moving online and the number of deliveries are increasing, whether they are groceries, parcel boxes or any kind of cargo.

If you think just for a moment that what if all these delivery services should move on vans and trucks? There will be a sufficient increase in air pollution, due to the vast increase in delivery trucks and vans but these bike deliveries are all good and pedalling the situation in the right direction. Because there is limited road space and congested cities like London and Manchester that left the only option to grow the economy by changing the way to manage the logistics in future.

The rise of the cargo bikes shows that free market conservatives have been banging on about for years. Markets will innovate new solutions to adapt to new conditions, but for now, things are pedalling in the right direction so far and will be great in near future when you will receive your parcel from a cycle courier.

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