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Jun 5, 2015


To deliver your goods, a cycle courier loves to paddle around town, but this routine is insufferable and tiresome


A cycle courier, in other words, is the backbone of the door to door delivery of your cargo. He loves his job of delivering the parcels to your door step, even it is hailing, raining, hot, humid, or snowy. It is what people think, but the tiredness of paddling is far more than the happiness of delivering your cargo on time.


When he starts the job as a cycle courier, he feels like cycling is life. He loves the joy of pedaling rapidly through the city, weaving through the steady cars, and the running traffic lines.

He loves the silliness of the job, body movement and to be absent from office politics. It doesn’t mean that he do not know what are the business processes, he – with the delivery process – knows what actually business needs to know.

Every day, he meet the customers at their door step and have a chit-chat with them. Try to know, what they actually want from an affordable cargo service. These useful suggestions afterwards, are used by cargo services to strengthen their business processes. In his daily routine, overall he is a strong man, and at the end of the day, likes the severe fatigue of the work. This tiredness is insufferable for most of us though.

As a courier man, he has learned about the hidden places between the pickups and drop-offs, their names, and the map of the city.  He also knows about the smells of the city; like the smell of the petrol, summer burnt materials, and even the shisha with sometimes, sweet smoky smog.

Riding a bike for living means to know about the roads, work out the routs and to know about the signs and symbols of the road. For example, traffic lights tell that when to drive and when to break. After cycling of three hundred miles till Friday, he feels that his cycle had emerged in his existence.

The chromium forks of his bicycle tune in symphony with his heartbeat. The rhythm of his bicycle’s pedal strokes link with his breathing. He feels better on bicycle than the motorcycle.  When he leaves the cycle at the end of the day, the miles covered, can easily be seen in the swelling of his legs.

During cycle courier, he delivers a variety of things that cannot be sent by digital sources like excess baggage, valuables and sensitive cargo. Public demands urgent delivery of the courier so he delivers the parcels on cycle.

Although the modern means are in great use to deliver parcels and cargo to the cities, but within the city, nothing is more healthy and reliable than the cycle courier.

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