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Apr 20, 2016

The World’s largest cargo airship is going to launch in 2018

Cargo airship will transport the cargo delivery within the remote locations by burning less fuel than other conventional aircraft’s and can land on any flat surface easily including sand, snow and water.

After many years of efforts the world’s largest hybrid LMH-1 cargo airship is going to leave the earth in 2018. After manufacturer Lockheed and American aerospace, and advanced technology company received an order of 12 LMH-1 hybrid cargo airships.

According to Lockheed Martin the invention of the LMH-1 airship will bring revolution in the world of cargo delivery. It has the capacity to carry more than 20 metric tons of cargo along with 21 passengers, including pilots and it can deliver the cargo to the remote area. It will give access into the areas that lack road or airport infrastructure. LMH-1 has ability to land in the flat areas including water, snow and desert.

Design of world’s largest Lockheed  airship

This hybrid cargo airship filled mostly with helium and can transport 20 Martin LMH-1tons of cargo. LMH-1 have a fuel capacity of 5000 gallons and can travel at a speed of 60 knots. Its four hovercraft’s would access it to land on the flat surface without being required to be moored on large towers like traditional airships.

Lift is generated from the hull, and propulsion comes from thrust generation and landing comes from an air cushion landing system. According to an estimate the price of the LMH-1 airship will be between £25 million to £30 million, or approximately $40 million.

An affordable source for heavy cargo delivery to the underdeveloped areas 

The CEO of Hybrid Enterprise is handling the marketing of LHM-1 on the behalf of the Lockheed Martin stated that though port-to-port shipments by sea would obviously generally be less expensive, and road transport where road existed, the LHM-1 hybrid aircraft was an exceedingly moderate option where these vehicle framework components were deficient. According to Binn more than half of the population of the world have no direct access to the paved roads.

So in this sense the transportation of the cargo from one location to another is a challenge.  In this regard the hybrid airship has better ability to solve these challenges and give easy access to the remote and underdeveloped areas. He further said that there is no fixed ground infrastructure required for the hybrid airship and it will consume less fuel as compared to the other conventional airships. According to Binn there is no technical issue that would delay the commercial  availability of the world’s first hybrid cargo airship in 2018.

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