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Nov 18, 2015
Drug Concealed Cargo

Anti-Narcotics Force of Pakistan in action again and seizes a drug consignment worth of PKR 6.6 billion.


The Anti-Narcotics Force of Pakistan has seized a huge consignment of drugs from Pakistan’s most western city of Quetta. The drug was planned to be transferred into international market via Afghanistan.

What kind of drugs were seized?

The Anti-Narcotics Force of Pakistan has seized a mountain of drugs, the cache of drug seized had 1.05 tons of Amphetamine, 2.87 tons of Opium, 25.7 Kg of Heroin and 4 kg of Hashish.

Any criminals arrested?

Not many out of the group, but the forces succeeded to arrest three people at the spot. They were directly involved in the drug trafficking activity.  These three people were arrested as the result of five different raids in three different cities of Baluchistan.

ANF Quetta has carried out a successful intelligence led operation and seized 2878 kg of Opium and 1056 Kg Amphetamine from Killi Surkhab, Tehsil Khanozai and district Pasheen.

Was that Drug concealed in cargo?

According to the details of the operation, drugs were concealed at a secret site in the mountains. Special mountain cuttings were designed far away from the populated area to hide the drugs.

A large number of plastic sacks were used to pack the drugs. The drugs were transferred to that place for handing over to another Narcotics gang for further trafficking of drugs to the international markets.

Drugs to Italy were seized at Islamabad Airport

An ANF team at the Islamabad International Airport has arrested a passenger of Qatar Airways Flight No. QR-633 and recovered 750 grams of Heroin. The Passenger was identified as Suleman Khan, from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan.

He was intended to fly for Italy via Doha by Qatar Airways. The Heroine was tactfully concealed in the shoes of the passenger. In another routine operation at Islamabad airport, ANF team has arrested a passenger going to Abu Dhabi.

He was identified as Ghulam Abbas from Sargodha city of Punjab, the ANF team has recovered almost 1Kg ice from his luggage. This passenger was intending to board Emirates Airlines Flight No. EK-2553 to Abu Dhabi.

ANF Lahore Raided Mianwali Region

The Anti-Narcotics Force of Pakistan from Lahore raided a place near Numal Collage in Talagang, Mianwali and held an individual with 4 kg hashish. Rahim Khan of Khyber Agency was detained and accused for delivering drugs to local dealers.

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