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May 4, 2015

ANF Strikes against Drug traffickers in Pakistan and seized drugs worth of Rs 214.8 million from seven places


Anti-Narcotics Force of Pakistan (ANF) has raided seven cities in the country and recovered drugs. ANF has recovered 75.5kg of Opium, 10.6kg Marijuana and 8kg heroin in seven different operations against the drug traffickers in the country.


These drugs were imported from several countries by hiding in the cargo boxes. The operation was conducted against smugglers in Faisalabad, Lahore, and Sialkot, Kasur, Peshawar and Gilgit districts of Pakistan. ANF officials said that the drug was transported to the Pakistan via local cargo operators and was planned to distribute in local markets.


The most important raid was conducted at the Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore. ANF team recovered a 940grams of heroin concealed in safety gloves. The drug was concealed in the cargo boxes booked by a resident of Sialkot at DHL Cargo Office. The box was booked for cargo to UK and to be received by a resident of Bolton Road, Bedfordshire, UK.


Next operation was conducted in Lahore near the M2 toll plaza, operation team intercepted a Suzuki light cargo van. This vehicle was carrying courier boxes and was on the way to Faisalabad. ANF team recovered 60kgs Opium concealed in secret cavities.Driver of the van was arrested on the spot,however the vehicle was handed over to the person living in Peshawar. It is also acclaimed that drugs were to be received by the same person.


Second operation was also conducted in Lahore region where a Toyota Corolla was intercepted by the team at HallahChowk, Patoki Bypass 14.3kg of Opium was recovered. Two accused persons were arrested at the spot. Both were trying to transport these drugs abroad through a cargo parcel ready to be loaded at the cargo container with other parcels and cargo boxes. The container was later to be transported to sea port by road.


An operation carried out near District Government Bus Terminal Bund Road Lahore, where two lady smugglers were arrested by the ANF team and recovered 4.8kg marijuana. Both ladies were coming from Peshawar with these drugs to deliver them in Lahore.


Third raid was conducted in Sialkot city Main Bus Stand, ANF arrested a suspect. The suspect was carrying 2.97kg marijuana, 1.2 kg Opium and all was concealed in his luggage. On the investigation, ANF found that the suspect was a local drug smuggler and was required in several cases of drug trafficking.


All these cases of drug trafficking are directly or indirectly related to cargo deliveries. ANF is seriously taking action against the drug traffickers. It is very important for the customers to make sure that the luggage they are sending via cargo to Pakistan must contain legally allowed goods and backed by a clearly informed customs declaration. It will ensure your timely delivery of goods anywhere in Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.


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