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Mar 2, 2021
British Air

Then only clearance procedure stalls delivery of goods to receivers, if required

Now a day it is normal to use air cargo service by traders and individuals. This trend has increased the demand for space for air cargo and air freight flights have been increased in number as well. Air cargo to Pakistan from UK reaches within three to five working days so in less than a week people get their important documents, parcels and consignments.

Then only clearance procedure stalls delivery of goods to receivers, if required. Passenger planes also have space for cargo transportation and with a limited available area, only a little volume can be transported. Dedicated freight planes are also used for goods transportation.

Space available for cargo carrying varies as per the size of aeroplanes. The width of aircraft also varies and wider planes obviously hold more cargo than narrow body planes. Millions of metric tons are annually carried through aeroplanes and goods reach every part of the world within days.

Still, this huge size equals only one per cent of total world trade volume. On the contrary value of this cargo is 36% of total world trade. Boeing air freight carriers do this job efficiently and UK cargo companies use these freight carriers for busy routes.

Passenger planes also transport goods to every country and frequent flights of these planes made things easier. Airlines earn more than twice from goods transportation than first class passengers’ travelling service. Postal companies also offering airmail service, which is to cater transportation of envelopes and parcels not more than a certain weight limit.

Postal Air mail and courier companies also offer air cargo service

Air mail service is facilitated by airlines and postal services use specific airlines for delivery of consignments booked by clients. International courier companies also serve clients to transport goods to different countries. To get a bigger share of international mail and consignment business rates of air mail and courier companies to remain competitive.

Air Cargo Business
Air Cargo Business

Quality service to deliver air shipment in Pakistan in less time is not cheap. Usually limit of weight of parcel set by courier companies exceeds to postal service limit. Cargo to Pakistan has increased over years and steady growth of volume encouraging cargo companies.

UK and Pakistan enjoy close ties and people to people contacts are also strong so the basis exists but has not been exploited to its full potential. Courier companies also outsourced this air freight service to airlines and specific flights on weekdays carry their freight.

Then comes international express service providers and these companies are bigger in size so they have their own freight planes. But limited sources does not allow them to have aeroplanes for every destination so they either collaborate with other express services or outsource some destinations.

The biggest of the air freight forwarders is air cargo companies and with their big network, more sources and ability to handle more volume they book container size consignments. Air cargo companies in the UK offer quick delivery at an affordable price. These companies have developed an efficient mechanism to beat competitors. In fact, they only book bigger consignments and offer cheap rates than postal and courier services.

The very simple looking air cargo facility is not really simple

UK based businesses and persons send papers and goods to Pakistan so they want these consignments to be delivered in the shortest possible time. Cargo from UK to Pakistan reach airports and seaports. Individual parcels reach mainly airports and their delivery is ensured within a week time.

Air cargo freight is delivered through local networks of courier or cargo companies. The very simple looking air cargo facility is not really simple and different complicated procedures involve till delivering at the receiver’s doorstep. Supply chains are formed with collaborations and integrations so that seamless cargo delivery operations become possible.

High value goods are transported through aeroplanes as we have noticed through available air cargo figures. Only 1 per cent of total world cargo is worth 36 per cent of the total cargo value of the world. This is why the fastest possible means are selected for their transportation.

Air cargo
Air cargo

Medical supplies and perishables are sensitive items and time is a critical element in their delivery. Highly valued and express delivery parcels are also booked through the air cargo facility. Careful handling of air cargo is also important and their storing facility should have been better.

Packing is important for safe and secure delivery

Proper packing is critical for the safe and secure delivery of any cargo. At every step, cargo is handled carefully and standard operating procedure followed but even then adequate packing requires. After putting items in cartons, these are tied with stripes.

To deliver to the air freight forwarder facility at the airport shipper either use its own transport or ask the freight forwarder to pick the packed cartons from the warehouse. It is already decided by the parties so that freight could reach in time.

UK traders send their goods all over the world and while packing they keep in mind the temperature and climatic conditions of the destination countries. Different layers of packing also ensure the quality of products being transported.

Buying space in aeroplanes for your cargo is important and if you manage to purchase space at a low cost then you can afford concessional rates for clients. The Air cargo industry is smaller in size than the ocean cargo industry but it is growing at a fast pace.

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