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May 21, 2019
Air Cargo to Pakistan

Increase in international trade and demand of clients to have the goods in lesser time pushed

Transportation of goods has been carried out through oceans and land for centuries but air cargo operations were started in the first decade of the previous century. In 1910 first American air cargo flight flew from Dayton to Columbus and carry 200 lbs of silk.

The flight covered a distance of 65 miles and laid a foundation for the fastest possible goods transportation. The flight was solely for the transportation of cargo and was for the shipment of a single client.

Air cargo

Air cargo

Afterwards, the flights were started for carrying mail and these are called airmail flights. For a long time, the means of goods transportation remained a secondary choice and that continued for decades after the first cargo flight of history.

Passenger planes kept carrying smaller amounts of cargo but commercial air freight flights were not started as the demand was absent. Increase in international trade and demand of clients to have the goods in lesser time pushed the start of air freight service.

Since the 1990s the air freight industry has been progressing rapidly

At the beginning of the last decade of the previous century, express parcel delivery demand gave rise to the air cargo space which finally led to the dedicated air freight flights.

Elimination of trade barriers from one country to the other also enhanced the volume of trade at the international level. Similarly, the production mechanism and pattern advancement result in widening the distribution of products in different regions around the globe.

Since the 1990s the air freight industry has been progressing rapidly as more and more people now prefer the use of this means for secure and on time delivery. Inclusion of modern technology and digitization of the air cargo processes and procedures have also made it more viable than any other option.

Cargo Activity to Pakistan

Cargo Activity to Pakistan

Delivery time for air cargo can be guaranteed

Air freight services have certain advantages which are not available to the ocean cargo users. Within a country, same day delivery has been made possible and the destinations at farther distances are reached in the least possible time.

Delivery time for air cargo can be guaranteed as the flight timings are usually not changed unless severe weather halts flight operations. This means of goods transportation ensure you timely delivery.

Yes, it is costly but it saves time which is priceless. Tracking of the parcels either small or big in volume is possible and both sender and receiver remain up to date on the location of the shipment.

Huge Demand in Peak Season

In the last couple of year unprecedented increase of demand of space of air cargo during peak times have been observed which encourages the new companies to start their cargo business and also allows the well-established freight forwarders to think of expanding their base.

Some integration of services has also been seen in recent years to provide seamless services to the clients. Within a few decades, the sector has become a reliable source of goods transportation and more and more traders now depend on it. Particularly the small traders use air freight services for the export of their goods.

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