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Oct 23, 2019
UK and Pakistan Trade

The Brexit issue and elections are not bothering cargo to Pakistan at any cost

A lot is going on and one of these happenings in the present interview of Boris Johnson. There are many points in it to talk about but the highlight is that the PM is not resigning to the pressure. He says everything will be done to assure the exit from EU happens in October and no further delay takes place.

This is a brave statement by a person who is facing so much criticism on his every move. He is also very confident on getting a deal pass from EU but not willing to tell how an which. He has also said that the people of the country should understand that all together has to end this limbo situation fast.

It is good for the economy of the country and especially trades. Even EU member countries have frustrated at the situation wanting to get over the situation this time. The PM has even stopped the parliamentary session on the matter so how will things be done now. But in any way it comes to an end, Boris Johnson has taken responsibility to take the country out of it.

Brexit will clear the trade situation

There is still a month before the second deadline comes and everything seems to halt. The  UK To Pakistan trade side is waiting for a decision and the one on which both opposition and government could agree on. People are on roads to ask for a solution and handle what comes ahead.

The progress which Theresa May showed to accomplish deals is also not moving on as everyone is waiting for the final episode. Nothing is going to come in effect till the actual exit drama comes to an end. People will come to know that which way they have to go for sea and air cargo to Pakistan and other forms of goods transport.

Election campaign or what

A valid idea to think about as elections are approaching and every leader of the party want to cash the opportunity. With his determination, the PM is sending a message to the people that he can stand in difficult situations and serve his country and people as well.

As it appears he has a plan to get things settled the right way with a deal in hand. But for now, it does not seem possible as there is so much less time left to get a deal agreed upon by 26 other countries in the EU bloc.

Is the attitude instilling a positive vibe?

No, it is not. There may be times when the present PM would have impressed people but this time he is not doing it. The more harsh words come from him the more people rebel. Apart from this, there is also a problem in the Northern Irish and EU Irish border hard status.

Both are not agreeing on the same point to keep the border soft. But keeping the border soft also depends on whether both Britain and the EU part with the present agreed on a deal. Everything will be clear in the coming month.

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