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May 14, 2018
UK and Pakistan

No apparent threat for the two in any future cargo exchange and trade

Pakistan is a land of peace and its forces make sure that the internal and external threats due to the geographical importance are kept in control. The UK appreciates the efforts and even supports the cause. UK and Pakistan are in trade for many years and the relationship has kept smooth and fruitful.

Britain is always at the front to participate in any way it could for the development and betterment of the people living here. Same is the case when trade is concerned. For raising the standard of living and giving better healthcare products as well as machinery for projects, eatables, wearable etc there is help provided keeping in mind the glorious history of this land.

Also, UK is going to maintain the GPS+ status of Pakistan to let it have tariff-free access to the UK markets for most of its products. As the exit approaching, there is no such danger to the positive environment among these two lands.

What is happening at present?

Everyone is concerned about what is going to happen in the coming year but the UK assures Cargo to Pakistan that the relationship will only strengthen further. There are no such hurdles in the way of trade and cargo exchange. Only a hard Brexit can have an effect but if that would happen there will be a way to get things settled.

There is a good deal of export and import happening between the two countries without any hard feelings which are a good sign. Pharmaceuticals, food companies, and building machinery are performing well in Pakistan providing high standard things.

Doing business in Pakistan

There are numerous opportunities for UK companies in Pakistan. After the two famous operations by the armed forces, the land is in peace now and there are more foreign companies bringing in business with the confidence of security.

All you need is to contact a good consultancy company which can provide you information of the procedure well and is being practiced for a long time. Then there are the local lawyers who are well aware of the legal sides as well as the right authorities for paperwork.

Other ways of entering the market are to export directly from your country, set up an agency, appointing a distributor through franchising or by forming a joint venture with any Pakistani company under the license agreement.

Be ready for good or worse

For now any threat from Brexit is muted and there is nothing that can occur from the change but still, every aspect has to be kept in mind. The favorable conditions point towards positive things but all this is up to how much UK extract from EU when it leaves it for good.

As the language is same, there is a good knowledge of customs and norms on both sides the business trend becomes easier to understand and work accordingly. Both countries respect each other limits and when UK officials visit Pakistan, they know when and where to go, what to and what not to do, how to dress and what to talk about. All this will lead to a good trading future hopefully.

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