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Dec 4, 2018

UK authorities are well aware of their position in world trade

Trade between the countries takes place through oceans and by air, now as more and more people have become better connected so they know how to carry out online buying and this gives rise to air freight significantly.

It was felt last year for the first time that due to a significant increase in the volume of online orders in the peak season of last quarter of the year the air cargo space booking became an issue.

Though proactive approach has been applied by the cargo companies this year as well as the procedure at airports has been made smoother to avoid unnecessary delays. UK authorities are well aware of their position in world trade and need to address the issues regarding the smooth flow of goods to all over the world.

At the same time, the Brexit issue has made things tougher for the country to define its future course of action in trade particularly. The UK is a trade hub of the world and wants to be independent in its decisions so decided to leave the massive advantages of the single market of Europe. But the proposal in this regard tabled is to keep the UK captive.

The best cargo to Pakistan rates are offered

It is a desire of the customers of the cargo companies to deliver goods to the addresses in the least time and at the lowest possible rate. The best cargo to Pakistan from UK rates is offered by many cargo service providers in the UK.

Sometimes it is as low as 1GBP per Kg but the time required delivering the goods also an issue so while focusing on the rate one must not forget the time span. In this way, the preferred choice of the client would be one that gives a guarantee of delivery in fewer days and charges reasonable fee.

The two sides are still very much concerned

UK Pakistan trade has observed a 10% increase as far as the volume of trade is concerned and it is a very positive outcome of the efforts were being made. The two sides are still very much concerned to take to the bilateral trade to its true potential and for this, it is important to remove the hurdles for the traders to remove the hurdles in trade. Make documentation easier and also lesser so that the process becomes less time consuming and the trader focus more on increase of the exports.

Tracking of the parcel

The volume of your parcel is also important as space is booked in terms of volume so the parcel should be smaller in volume to pay less for the freight. Tracking of the parcel is also very important and the use of technology has made it easier for the shipper and receiver to remain aware of the exact location of the consignment.

More and more use of technology can also make things easier for the traders and they can trade more frequently. The companies are making the receiver able to rearrange the delivery to his local service point even when the delivery vehicle is en route or delivery has been attempted. In this way, the customers’ facility is much focused now.

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