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Aug 3, 2018
Air and Sea Freight

UK trade with Pakistan is also very important and it has been evident from efforts

Airfreight industry of the United Kingdom is very important for the country as international trade depends heavily on this. Ocean freight services are also important but in modern times major trade carries out through airlines.

Extension of present airports and construction of new are also indicating increased trade through this means. Thousands of flights fly to all nooks and corners and take hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo to all parts of the world.

It is increasing by every day so airlines are considering forming their cargo fleets so that can take advantage of the situation. Future prediction regarding airfreight is also quite positive so concrete steps are taken by the key players.

The United Kingdom is the hub of international trade and from here goods distribute to several destinations. In this way, the importance of the country is not like any other country doing the trade.

UK trade with Pakistan is also very important and it has been evident from efforts to engage the business community of the two.

Export lists and new items

It is critical for Pakistan to improve its exports to balance its trade bill but with the UK it has always been surplus. But now it can change as the growing industrial base would demand more machinery and other inputs like chemicals that Britain has been providing to this country for decades.

Use of scrap in local industry is also on the rise and containers through Sea cargo reach at ports but when it is peak time of the year when such shipments are delayed as rates soar. New items have also found a place in the list of exports of UK traders that are doing business to this part of the world.

Potential is bigger but to tap it fully more time is required with dedicated efforts.

Relaxation in visa policy for the business community

Emerging markets of the world have been focused on by all big economies and if any of them has strong ties with these countries then business opportunities are immense. Relations of the British government always remain warm with this South Asian nation and now the time has reached to make these ties further strong.

Relaxation in visa policy for the business community is one of the initial steps to improve trade volume between the two. With this different private and government entities arrange opportunities for traders to introduce their products and see the response of people.

With this, a foundation is laid that allows you to build economic relations.

The lucrative export destination for traders in the UK

Easing the restrictions on trade is another important step forward after that there could be lowering tariffs and ultimately free trade agreement though it is too early for any such pact it is the ultimate goal.

Lesser documentation requirement provides an edge to the people sending goods for a destination and if taxes and other duties are also at the nominal level then encouragement is very much there.

This kind of conducive environment pushes the exporters to shift their attention to a new lucrative destination for their goods.

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