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Dec 10, 2021
Cargo to Pakistan

You can use either of the two cargo services, air or ocean for this purpose

High quality electric appliances are in demand everywhere in the world and UK made goods are of very good standards. Goods of electronic shipping to Pakistan from UK are costly but very reliable than locally produced appliances. For this reason, people who can afford prefer these goods. These are fragile goods so special packing and care are needed while transporting them from the UK to Pakistan.

Their value also high so they can be transported through an air cargo facility. The additional price due to the costly cargo facility can be passed on to end customers. There is no restriction on sending used or new electronic goods to Pakistan. You can use either of the two cargo services, air or ocean for this purpose.

Courier companies also book electronic appliances and they can pick up the consignment from your given address and deliver the booked product at the doorstep of the receiver. Bubble wrap is a good covering for your sensitive electronic goods. It will save them from scratches and keep them in perfect condition. This wrapping material has been restricted recently so you have to rely on some other similar material in future.

Freight-Forwarders uk to pakistan
Freight-Forwarders uk to pakistan

The cargo companies in the UK ship electronics know how to pack such goods. They can guide their clients so that goods can be reached without any damage. Care is observed during handling but for the clients, it is necessary to take all necessary measures for the safety of the goods while packing.

Possibility of damage can cause a big accident

Now a day digital devices are frequently transported. From the United Kingdom to Pakistan used electronic devices are also exported. Their low price has big appeal for buyers in the developing world. Cargo to Pakistan service caters transportation of these goods. Some electronics are hazardous but you can transport them with special arrangements.

Lithium batteries make them hazardous another reason for categorizing them as dangerous goods are electric energy. Possibility of damage can cause a big accident and for this reason, you need to be extra careful. Cargo companies have not yet devised standard rules for transportation of such electronic goods so every service provider uses its experience and knowledge.

While handling these goods are identified by HS codes. Accurate HS codes help everyone and during customs clearance, you need to provide accurate information otherwise clearance may be delayed. It is obvious that you will be offered lower rates when you send goods in big quantity as compare to few items.

If you want to send different electronic items one after the other then it is better to send them once. It will save your time as well as money. For traders, it is usual to send goods frequently to one destination so they know the paperwork required. Customs clearance at Pakistani ports is a routine matter for clearing agents and traders have their own arrangements as well.

For ease of trade both the UK and Pakistan has been taking steps that would bear fruit and the volume of trade will increase further. Trade of goods is facilitated by goods transporters so they will get more business and particularly UK cargo companies booking cargo for Pakistan get the benefit.

This is why you cannot pack goods in the same way

Guidelines for packing of goods should be followed and it may cost you time but save your goods. Air cargo from UK to Pakistan also provide you with information regarding the right kind of packing for different goods. Handling of goods is different in the ocean and air cargo. Your consignments also face different conditions and the time factor important too.

This is why you cannot pack goods in the same way for both types of international cargo services. The weight of your goods also changes packing requirements. Heavier goods need stronger boxes that can hold the items. Strength of packing material matters a lot for lightweight goods you can afford ordinary cardboard boxes but for heavier items double walled boxes with lining strongly recommended.

Air Cargo
Air Cargo

The heavy parcel is a term used for consignments of 23 kg or more than it. These are normally commercial consignments and people sending them, well aware of safety requirements. Goods should have been delivered in perfect condition and for this, they need to remain safe during transportation.

Safety is priority

Heavier consignments are placed on pallets for support and safety but for cargo below 70kg, it is not used. After placing cargo on pallets it is wrapped or keep in place with straps. The main objective of using pallets is to ensure the protection of your consignments. Cargo companies’ rules vary for different destinations and demand by clients can also change them.

Another term large is used for goods or consignment that need to be transported on a pallet. Rates may also vary for heavy or large consignments so when you book a cargo the cargo company needs details of size and weight as well as the type of goods.

Economy cargo service from the UK to Pakistan takes more days to reach destination whereas express cargo service slash this number of days. It is the choice of the client, what kind of cargo service he/she can afford for the consignment. For electronic goods smaller in size air cargo to Pakistan is quite affordable.

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