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Apr 26, 2017

Gwadar will become a business hub very soon

Sea cargo or transportation through ports and harbors is as historical as the history of mankind. Man has always used seas for transportation or cargo different items. Road tracks have also been used in ancient time but water was the natural source to move here and there globally in the past.

Pakistan is a God gifted region with abundant of all natural sources. It has two major ports and live harbors. Karachi is its main hub for transportation and all cargo activities have taken place through Karachi port.

Karachi port is important for cargo business of Pakistan

Karachi is a live port and natural harbor. It is used for the major traffic of Sea Cargo to Pakistan and traffic coming from all over the world towards sub-continent. Karachi port offers live opportunity for each and every type of cargo business due to its weather conditions.

It is operational throughout the whole year, this is a great edge to Pakistan that its major port remains open the whole year for cargo fleets and cargo business. If Pakistan utilizes the importance of this port, it has become a great business hub of South Asia.

Gwadar Port is going to become a business hub

Karachi port has been the major route of Pakistani trade or cargo business throughout the history, so Gwadar remained neglected. China has shown its interest to use this route for its business and the legal patch up has been made in between both countries. CPEC is the name of that legal contract by which China has used this route and Gwadar port for its cargo business with rest of the world.

Now Gwadar has become a business hub for Pakistan because different countries of the world asked permission from Pakistan to use this route for the business. Russia wants to use this Gwadar port for its business. By using this route there will be a new cargo route has emerged in the region.

Mother vessels will linger on directly on Gwadar Port

Both ports of Pakistan are natural and God gifted because both of them are on deep water and mother vessels can be directly linger on these ports. Karachi port has been working for its nation in this connection since the Independence Day of the country and Gwadar Port has now become a good income source for the country because it is all natural and with deep water. Big ships can move easily in or out from the port or harbor.

This is very important for a port that it has good entrance or exits with deep water levels so big vessels that are called mother vessels can be loaded or unloaded directly without using any small ships or boats for loading and unloading.

Sea cargo freights depend on water levels of the ports all over the world

In sea cargo business, cargo freights are very important. If the port or harbor offers direct entrance or exits for mother vessels then freight rates of sea cargo is different from in- direct loading and unloading. Pakistan can utilize these natural sources for its favor and can strengthen its economy due to cargo business.

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