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Mar 21, 2018
Cargo to Pakistan

Pakistani roads are overcrowded due to excessive use

Road network of Pakistan is its main source of inland transportation or all-cargo activity

Pakistan has strong inland road network and has great importance for transportation, especially for Cargo to Pakistan activity. National Motor Way plan from Peshawar to Karachi is the main focus of this plan. Countries are just like a human body and roadmaps are like veins and capillaries. As, for the human body, blood circulation from the tip of the hair to toe is necessary as like cargo transportation is mandatory for the progress of any country. Road networks are like veins and capillaries.

By spreading Motorways from one end to the other end of the country will bring its fruits to the economy of the country as well. It is warmly welcomed by all transportation associations unanimously. By this route, traveling will become easier than before. Other motorways of the country are also in this plan to interlink different remote and small towns with grand channels of the country. The government has its plan to complete this project as early as possible. 2018 is possibly the year to open and start all projects in the entire country.

Road network has its worth in Pakistan as compared to other transportation mediums

Pakistan is a country with perfect geopolitical conditions. It has great flat land to make transport easy and convenient. The connectivity of two points rely on the route in between these two points and then cost of transportation is calculated, by this motorway route, access will be easy and freight rate will definitely move down and directly become the major source of mega transportation of cargo.

The total length of G.T. Road of Pakistan from Peshawar to Karachi is 1819 km and 1130 in miles. It is the busiest route for cargo transportation. It passes near about the center of the country and touches all major markets and cities of the country, so if Motorway touches and meets both ends of this cargo route, it will be the blessing of God for the transporters and for the cargo business of the country as well.

Major exports of Pakistan travel all over the country and reaches to Karachi port for nest expeditions. G.T. Road is widely used for this operation because there is no alternative at all to transport things from remote areas of the country to the harbor or port of Karachi. If this route is directly connected with speedy, wide and standard Motorways then transportation will become very easy and indirectly it will cut the cost of transportation also.

Government is quite serious to complete this route as early as possible to get more and more benefit and by this route overall economy of the country will revolve at the good speed. This motorway route will divide the traffic flow along with easy and comfortable ride as well.

After the completion of this Motorway, route driving will be relaxed and comfortable and time-saving as well. G.T. Road is doing its work properly but it is overburden now and traffic is overcrowded on it. Though it is the most useful route of Pakistan but needs is there to expand or refurbish it.

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