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Oct 26, 2017
Sea Port

CPEC and its co-projects require ports of Pakistan

Karachi port handled record cargo volume this year

Countries run by the diplomatic policies, foreign policies, and trade policies. If you have strong relations with rest of the world, then your country will capture a major portion of trade and especially cargo trade via harbors and seaports because these mediums are the biggest source of cargo transactions. Harbors and ports of any country play a major role to move the cargo business and the economy of their country as well. Same happened in this business year with Karachi seaport. Karachi seaport is one of the biggest and the busiest seaport of Pakistan with a huge volume of capacity to handle the cargo business and transactions. In this business year of 2016-17, it handled the huge volume of Sea Cargo vessels and cargo goods booked by it for the rest of the world and un-loaded cargo booked for Pakistan from other countries. This is a good sign and indicates that Pakistan is in the right direction to promote its cargo business and wants to utilize its sources and resources.

Karachi port has the ability to tackle an uncertain load of cargo or any seasonal wave in cargo arrivals and departures through it. It is not necessary that cargo should load or unload from the port, but if mother vessels of different major cargo companies touch your harbors and ports to take something from their personal use, then it is also a business. You are facilitating the whole world by giving them fuel, cargo and even rest. It is on your plus points and Karachi port is one of the busiest ports in South Asia.

CPEC is also the key factor of this cargo boom

Pakistan is a very important country in South Asia due to its Geo-political situation. If we say it the main hub or center of South Asia, then there is no wrong in it. Its friendship with China is exemplary.

Now both countries unite with each other tightly by CPEC. It gave a new opening for cargo business not only for South Asian countries but it gives the open chance to utilize cargo routes for the rest of the world as well. CPEC will be one of the largest cargo corridors between not only China and Pakistan but beyond the borders of China and will reach to Europe and Russia by using roadmap along with ports of Pakistan.

Globalization of South Asian countries

CPEC is just opening of Globalization of South Asian countries with Europe and Russia, fruits of this road and sea routes will be seen in near future. Cargo boom in Karachi port is also because of CPEC agreement. Sea cargo of China through CPEC is the most important for this boom.

The good thing for Pakistan cargo business is this that it is not a seasonal wave that ends with the season it will be permanent cargo traffic of future between Pakistan and China along with the rest of the world. Seaports of Pakistan are very important for the upcoming seasons in near future due to CPEC and other co-projects of CPEC. Pakistan will gain a huge bulk of cargo business in up-coming time.

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