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Aug 8, 2017
PIA Cargo

Government must sport PIA to continue its cargo journey

PIA is an official cargo carrier of Pakistan, destabilization of PIA has its own effects on cargo business of Pakistan

Airlines earn a lot by traveling around all over the globe. Passenger’s plane and cargo carrier, both categories earn for their country. Cargo planes have more importance than passenger’s carrier due to the importance of quick trade and quick delivery is important in the cargo business. Pakistan International Airline is on its death bed at the moment and it will be an irreparable loss for the country if any critical situation arises on the behalf of PIA.

Cargo transportation of any country is its big source of income and PIA is still Pakistan’s largest airlines with more than seventy planes in its fleet. The collapse of PIA means the collapse of international cargo business for Pakistan. Private airlines of Pakistan never compete PIA in any dimensions.

 Public live in the UK love PIA to travel and for cargo use

Pakistan has very deep relations with the UK as many of Pakistani live over there for decades and they love to travel in PIA and use it widely for cargo delivery purpose. PIA has the best opportunity for the people of Pakistan, stay there in the UK. Direct flights have made its own impression very strong from Pakistan and UK. The UK is a big cargo market for Pakistan. Direct flights and Cargo to Pakistan mean good access to the destinations.

PIA has direct flights from the UK to Pakistan and vice versa, so Pakistani community uses their own airline more than any other airline. People live in the UK never wants to close the airlines permanently.  It is the best source of the deliverance of goods and for travel, it is also the most feasible one.

Hearsay is hearsay, PIA is still operational

It is very hard to believe in rumors. PIA is going to its end day by day but major institutes of any countries emerge themselves by the financial sport of government, so it is before time to say that PIA is going towards its end. Higher authorities and government is trying their level best to sport the National flag carrier.

If it happens that PIA has been officially closed by the government, then Pakistan has to bear the side effects of this decision. The National flag carrier is the true representative of your country whether you take cargo with you or passengers with you for different destinations of the world.

Private airlines can’t sustain the pressure

PIA is our national flag carrier if things are going like this towards the collapse of PIA then other private airlines of the country cannot afford to bear the load of work, due to lack of aircraft and cargo planes. The government must play its positive role in the survival of national flag carrier.

Pakistan is a growing economy and it can’t sustain the pressure of any aspect that decreases its economy and collapse of any national institute like PIA is unbearable for a growing economy. Cargo delivery and passenger’s flights all over the globe is the fastest medium to give a boost to the economy. The government should take this issue seriously, so air cargo flights and cargo business of Pakistan move stably.

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