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May 6, 2017
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CPEC has opened new gates of Cargo business

Pakistan railways play important role in cargo business of the country

Cargo business or transportation of cargo is very important for the economy of any country. The economy of any country revolves around the business. Business is a system in which goods are exchanged or goods are bought by paying the price. Then transportation department involves in this business to transport goods, bought or exchanged, from one place to the other place of the country. Train system of any country is the biggest and cheapest source of transportation goods and cargo. China-Pakistan Railways also play an important role in this connection though not completely, but partially.

Cargo Railway is the cheapest medium

Roads and High Ways have their own impotence in any country but as far as this project is concerned, railways of both sides have to play an important role to move the trade on by this cargo route. Pakistan railways’ tracks on major routes are in working condition but some other tracks and routes are being laid to fulfill the requirement of this mega project. Both countries know very well that trade between these two countries is important for both countries and for transportation of goods railway is the cheapest way, so under new policies work is going on railway set up on both side. This project is suitable to send Cheap Cargo to Pakistan. Roads and High Ways are important but they are not cheap as railway is.

Pakistan Railways up gradation in this connection to manage the load of CPEC

CPEC is a new chapter of business opened with Pakistan and cooperation of China. Pakistan Railways have the capacity to manage the inland cargo business with ease and doing well in this connection. In Pakistan High Ways are mostly used for transportation of people and also for goods and cargo. The importance of trains for cargo business or transportation of goods is still there. Private road transportation is a major part of Pakistan goods business because of the in affective condition of Pakistan railways. CPEC has opened a new gate of business for Pakistan. For CPEC road transportation is important but it is not beneficial for both countries without good and accurate system of railways. Up gradation of railway tracks is the main project of this project.

Geography of Pakistan supports its railway system for transportation of goods

Pakistan is a great country with good geography. It consists of flat land mostly, railway tracks are available to use from one corner to the other corner of the country for transportation of people or goods. Railway sector had been neglected for decades so private transportation emerged to grab the cargo business. CPEC has jolted this department and now work is on to maintain this department for next use in CPEC. Different provinces of Pakistan have strong interlinked railway connections with each other to support CPEC trade to increase productivity towards Cargo to Pakistan. To get more benefits from this project, working on new tracks is on. In recent future Pakistan railways will become a strong source of cargo transportation in between these two countries. Geography of Pakistan will definitely help it a lot in this connection.

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