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Jul 26, 2019
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A no-deal, referendum or a Brexit at all the; dice will again roll

Many a time change proves beneficial and sometimes it does not. But what will happen now that Theresa May has left the office becomes interesting? The parliament is same most of the MPs are same but then why it will be a change at all.

There are no new turns for now and there will be none until unless minds become clear. There are still ones who are willing to have a Brexit but with a deal. Then some want the exit anyhow. The referendum is out of the question for many and some have the opinion of not exiting at all.

But what about the country itself, is everything done have a positive impact on the people for whom this whole campaign started or there will be political ends gained by this situation.



Well, how anyone sees beyond limits but a common man is certainly not happy with all this. The new leader contest is going to take place and Boris Johnson is the one favourite to take charge of the party.

The Labour Party proposition

There was a bill presented in the parliament by the Labour Party to stop a no-deal Brexit. This was rejected by the majority and some rebels followed and anger of the party leadership.

Anyways it is UK trade on the question with the world and what will happen if a wrong step is taken. In such a situation an effort to fulfil the dream of having a restriction-free trade internationally especially with Pakistan by sea and air cargo to Pakistan from UK and spreading advantages to the lower circle will vanish.

It will not only be disgraceful and untrustworthy in the eyes of the world but also among the whole country also. To get a deal agreed by the EU is not a joke, there were many attempts before to make them agree on the single one present.

Boris Johnson Hushed

Boris Johnson is gaining popularity not only among his party but also among the Tory members. But he is not allowed to talk much to gain an advantage under the table and it has worked also as the speculation goes on.

Cargo to Pakistan

Cargo to Pakistan

He has skills to tie people together and give a moderate temperature to flourish discussions, as seen apparently but then there are criticisms also. He is not taken as a trusted figure with his previous acts but still, it is possible that he becomes responsible in a leading role.

Not prepared to have a hard exit

Even the people and the higher officials know that the country is not ready to have a hard exit. The reason is that there has never been a guideline or a plan for doing so. And to prepare one as a standard that can be agreed on all within the party is a target which can take six to eight months.

There has to be a transition deal and it will the one agreed by the EU. There is no role of the UK agreeing on it but the EU has to decide what is of advantage to it. By this report, it seems the way Theresa May suggested is the right one for the present situation.

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