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Mar 16, 2016
Boeing 737-800

Boeing launches its next generation air freighter

A new 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter has been recently launched by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. According to company, it’s the very first of their next generation converted freighters thus the name 737NG stands for Next Generation. This kind of planes are the backbone of air freight industry and plays vital role in delivering air cargo to Pakistan, China, UK., US., and all the major countries of the world. They travel long distances as well as short ones, but this new plane is specifically designed and converted to transport express cargo to domestic routes on short-haul.

The company has proudly announced that they already have received 25 commitments and 30 orders from seven customers for the new passenger-t0-freighter conversions (P2F). These customers and their ordered number of converted freighters are: YTO Airlines (Hangzhou based) ordered 10, China Postal Airlines (Beijing based) ordered 10, GE Capital Aviation ordered 5 freighters. Boeing has not released any detailsabout SF Airlines (Shenzhen based), Cargo Air (Sofia based) and two other customers.

The 737-800 BCF can operate on routes of nearly 3,690 km with 23.9 tonnes of cargo carrying twelve pallets. Senior vice president, commercial aviation services for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Stan Deal said in a statement “The Next-Generation 737 provides exceptional value to express freight carriers through its superior payload, range, reliability and efficiency.”

He continued “while the recovery of the global cargo market has been slow, we see demand for freighters, such the 737-800 BCF, that will carry express cargo on domestic routes. Over the next 20 years, Boeing forecasts customers will need more than 1,000 converted freighters the size of the 737, with China’s domestic air freight carriers accounting for nearly one-third of the total market.”

The fourth quarter of the next year is the expected time for the first Boeing 737-800 BCF P2F delivery.Boeing is planning to make the modifications at the facilities near to the source of demand and these existing passengers 737-800 will get anaccommodation for up to four passengers or non-flying crew members, a large main deck cargo door, and a cargo-handling system.

Cargo Air has already shown its interest in the new model and has made commitment for the aircraft. Ground Operations & Commercial director for Cargo Air, Angel Petrov said “the 737-800 BCF will bring to our freighter fleet more advanced avionics, higher fuel efficiency and lower operating costs through its best-in-class maintenance programme and enhanced corrosion protection.”

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