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Oct 10, 2015


Air cargo progress has been exhausted since the second half of the year 2015, what is next now?

A manufacturing decline in China, an increasing debt crisis in Europe, decreasing fuel prices, and nonstop economic disorder in South America have all added their part in lessening the revenues in most areas around the world, even those areas where development continues such as, in Asia and the Middle East, the growth level has been decreasing. By most of sources, the remaining of 2015 will provide much of the same average performance for the air cargo industry.

Most airports of the world, are suffering through none of this despair and trouble.

Remembrances of the successful times in the last half of 2014, when a remarkably supreme period and the U.S. West Coast port disaster showed traffic tonnage rising, work as reminders that bangs and busts can come and go in rapid progress.

Every year, the Airports Council International (ACI) put out its World Airport Traffic Report (WATR), the final reference of the most recent existing airport traffic data, providing more than 2,200 services in 160 countries in the world. In this report, Air Cargo World announces the rankings of the Top Twenty Cargo Airports in expressions of capacity and size.

Echoes from 2014

Considering the World Airport Traffic Report (WATR) tonnage records for 2014, the ACI will provide newest data, the effects of the rise in cargo movement in the second half of 2014, driven partially by a firmer than estimated top period and the U.S. West Coast port disaster, is made evident in the plans for nationwide, worldwide and mutual air cargo cargos.

Almost across the board, with the irregular exemption of Dubai International (DXB), which has decreased by 3.1 percent over the previous year 2014, cargo volumes between the top 20 largest cargo airports increased expressively.

Most Top 20 airports upheld their positions from last year.

On the percentage basis the rapidly developed airports that are Chicago O’Hare, with a 12.1 percent increase to touch 1.38 million tons and a change from No. 20 to No. 19 on the Top 20 ranking list. Guangzhou’s year-to-year, 11.0 percent upsurge to No. 18 on the ranking list, with 1.45 million tons, was also remarkable.

On the national freight chart, the successful waves from  e-commerce of China turns into more evident, with seven of the Top 20 airports coming from China, including Beijing on No. 3 with 1.05 million tons followed by Shanghai Pudong on No. 5 to 10.2 percent increase with 767,864 tons.

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