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Nov 25, 2015
Google Drone & Amazon

Internet giant Google expects to successfully use drones to deliver packages to its customers in 2017


Google is not only an internet giant, but they are dominantly working on autonomous cars and several other business processes to help other sectors as well. Now they have announced that the firm will start its drone delivery system from 2017.

Authenticity of the report

On Monday, The leader for the Alphabet inc. project wing, David Vos said that the company is in contact with the stakeholders of the project and the Federal Aviation Administration on the plan to set up a fool proof air traffic plan for successful execution of delivery processes.

The Alphabet Company is looking to use the cellular system along with internet technology to facilitate the air traffic. He also said that due to this modern technology, the unnamed aerial vehicle flights will be controlled at the altitude of just under 500 feet so that the other air traffic will not suffer.

Who will benefit?

As the leader of the Alphabet inc. project wing said that the actual goal of the company is to commercialize the business processes of drone deliveries from 2017.

It definitely means that anyone can use them but at the moment, Amazon uses drones to deliver packages to their customers via air.

Is it legal to entre someone’s personal property without his consent?

Definitely not, drone based cargo deliveries will not be started until Federal Aviation Authority gives it a go and publishes final rules for commercial drone operations. These rules will likely be introduced next year.

What kind of drone will it be?

The Alphabet Inc research wing introduced a prototype in August 2014 via a YouTube video. It was an experimental flight in Australia which showed that how a 1.5 meter wide and 0.8 meter tall quad copter was designed. Video showed a field test of the drone while carrying a package.

Quad Copter as a common consumer drone will serve the company, but it is very obvious that there will be several other designs and shapes after the successful launch of the project. In USA, to consider the security and safety of individuals, Google has contacted NASA to conduct the testing of these delivery drones.

Any Governmental issues?

Yes, the drones are subjected to government approval and Vos hopes that the Obama Administration will set it in place by 20th December, this year.  It would be the first step in making the drone delivery system a reality in the U.S.

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