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Mar 17, 2017
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GE locomotives to enhance country’s cargo capacity

The US Ambassador to Pakistan, David Hale, said that with the addition of General Electric (GE) locomotives to Pakistan railways will help in the improvement of power plants. This way railways’ capacity will also be increased and it will be able to carry more Cargo to Pakistan.

The delivery of these locomotives is a great initiative and will play an important role in strengthening the ties between U.S and Pakistan. The U.S ambassador was invited to a ceremony held at Karachi railway cantonment where he declared about these locomotives. This trading is also beneficial for the involvement of U.S. private sector in Pakistan’s industry. U.S. Consul General for Karachi, Grace Shelton and Pakistan Railways Chairperson, Parveen Agha, were also present on the occasion.

Details on the project

This is not a new project, in fact initially GE signed an agreement in June 2015 with Pakistan railways and ensured the delivery of 55 highly efficient diesel locomotives. The company took all the time in manufacturing these high-tech engines. The delivery process has already started this year with the pre-scheduled delivery. The first batch containing seven locomotives was received on Karachi port, two months ago.

The first consignment was received on January 23, 2017 which is two months earlier than the committed date. These locomotives will be shipped to Karachi port in different phases during this year. Efforts of all the stakeholders involved in this giant leap towards progress is commendable.

How will GE locomotives be beneficial?

The ambassador also shed light on the future outcomes of this positive initiative. The country’s economy will be able to see growth in technology and infrastructure.

These locomotives have many benefits which is the reason they get preference over others from the same class introducing many advantages. They claim a better fuel economy which is big deal in transporting freight and cargo. The basic infrastructure of the transportation system is upgraded by making use of environment-friendly engines.

Pakistan has also gained the honor of being the first country in South Asia to bring in the latest series of GE Locomotives. This way Pakistan Railway has acquired a landmark making history. It is a step forward towards the modernization of the old transport structure. These locomotives were built as well as assembled in the United States which boast a horsepower of 4500 and are very efficient.

Transport System

Our transport system needs huge advances like these to join the race of the modern systems worldwide. Many countries are ahead of us because of latest technological advancements in trade and cargo transportation while our country is still relying on old fashioned system and equipment. By the inclusion of more GE locomotives in our railway system during next few months, chances are bright that the economy will be directed to a positive dimension. And will flourish in years to come opening doors for more foreign investment. However, this is a good start and such efforts should continue as more needs to be done in this department.

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