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Nov 11, 2015
EU Immigration

The complex relationship between EU Immigration and Air Cargo

The immigration crisis has meant that many people have suffered and many problems have arisen across cities and countries. However one specific sector has been significantly impacted by this crisis. The air cargo industry.

Reports indicate that since the crisis has begun the problems for air cargo operators have only increased and what was once an easy shipping journey has now become difficult and troublesome as well as causing financial loss.

Problems such as waiting times being much longer at borders have caused discomfort and inconvenience for both workers and customers. One of these borders are the channel tunnel which lies between Calais, Dover and France. Truckers have had their volume reduced which has caused financial loss.

The situation does not seem to be getting any better and these problems are damaging for the cargo industry. The TIACA are determined to find solutions so the financial loss can be minimized if not totally avoided and the increased waiting times can be worked around somehow.

Leaders globally have agreed to unite to find a solution and work on the problem together. Not only to avoid the loss for the industry but these leaders are also concerned for the immigrants with around 3000 people having lost their lives or gone missing on the journey to refuge.

The Mediterranean saw over 514 000 travelers and the TIACA have decided to work together to adopt solutions to avoid the human calamity.

Not only are human lives paying the price, the industry and residents are suffering.

Some ideas provided were controls being established at certain borders including the Schengen border. This was specified as it’s in the one zone in Europe that allows 26 states to be travelled through without borders and this was seen as the cause of some delays.

However the Dutch association for transport and logistics state that controls alone would cost 600 million euros a year. Although this would delay waiting times, the cost is so high that the loss is more than the gain.

the international air transport association claims that around 30% of cargo is from Europe or to Europe and therefore the problems that arise from Europe have a significant impact on the whole of the air cargo industry.

For this reason the issues Europe face affect all the world cargo leaders and solutions must be found to sort out this obstacle. The immigration crisis needs to be solved with global unity as so far the suffering is global.

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