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Mar 2, 2020
Container Shipping

Exports of this country are mostly to countries of the continent so such a decision

The United Kingdom is ready to accept and adopt European Union cargo security rules so it may keep goods transportation smoother via Air Freight Services. It will take the time to get things settled after leaving the union of European countries and trade is very important for the UK particularly after Brexit.

Exports of this country are mostly to countries of the continent so such a decision is not a surprise at the same time the United Kingdom has been observing the same so no real change will take place in this regard.

Air Cargo Business

Air Cargo Business

UK exports to Pakistan and other countries through air and sea cargo are also will continue to be regulated by these rules. Use of technology for cargo transportation is important and it has enhanced in recent years as the industry wants to keep pace with the changing needs of the modern-day clients.

Improved tracking and efficient handling also become possible after the use of technology for different steps of the service from pick up to delivery. Commercial clients are also catered through digital advancement in the cargo industry.

Airline coming to EU countries

With the observance of the same security rules, double-check of cargo coming from the UK will not be required which is to avoid unnecessary delays. European countries are also happy with this decision as major UK exports’ destinations are in Europe.

Airline coming to EU countries via the UK also do not need to go through the double security check as the country will have been observing the same rules. With this UK remains very much integrated to EU cargo system.

It has also exposed the vulnerability of the supply chain

Presently flights to and from China are suspended from many countries in the world due to current pandemic originating from China. It has also exposed the vulnerability of the supply chain largely dependent on one single destination so the world needs to think wisely and arrange supply chain in a manner to distribute reliance equally.

Air cargo

Air cargo

Manufacturing units are shut and no least cargo activity could create another worldwide crisis. Orders from buyers are also being shifted to other countries as the deadline of supply dates are approaching but the situation in China is not normal yet. Cargo industry at large is witnessing a depression due to halt of flight operation amid fears of the spread deadly virus.

Authorities are quite hopeful

UK air cargo expansion plans have been hit with a court order which could further delay new runway for Heathrow. The major reason for this ruling of the court is climate change phenomenon and commitments of the country in this regard.

In this way, another big factor to shape this Cargo industry in coming years will be climate change so the industry needs not only to adopt technology and make its operations efficient but also in compliance to the climate-friendly regulations.

Authorities are quite hopeful that it will be successful to get permission to build new runway as there is enough flexibility in court rulings. The whole world is going through a transition period but it also continues to progress so new things are being added for improvement in the air cargo industry.

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