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Mar 19, 2020

Internationally things are getting worse and affecting the economy

The UK is getting effected with the virus now not only limited to China but spreading worldwide. Many countries are getting affected by it and slowing down the daily routines as well as for the countries as a whole.

UK and EU trade talk was scheduled the next week but not anymore. Both the parties have decided to not hold the meeting which was to take place in London. Everything related to post Brexit agreements has stopped.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping

As per yesterday’s report, 56,221 people have been tested in the UK, of which 2,626 were confirmed positive. 103 patients in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19 have died. Other ways of keeping the process going are now under consideration. But in any case sooner or later the talks will again commence and there has to be a solution till December 31st.

The delay is in favour of the UK as maybe this gives way to a better agreement. People are afraid and this has affected the work in the country as well as internationally. But people are now more aware of the situation and how it can be controlled so maybe the solution will come soon.

COVID-19 has brought the world together

Whether it is sea or Air Cargo from UK or trade or any other matter. The world is acting the same towards the problem. Places and flight operation is limited. People are more concerned about their life than spending money on tiny things. Things that are getting less are daily necessities.

Even trading them cannot help because the situation is the same everywhere. Activities in the UK as well as in Pakistan has restricted. Both these countries have a lot of share in each other’s economy. So with or without a Corona, there is going to be strong ties between these two.

Why the UK is attractive for Pakistan

As much as Pakistan is important for the UK so is the UK for Pakistan. No matter how much the situation is bad both the countries do not want to lose the destination. There are helping hands that help both countries to establish a new business or promote an existing one.

Air Cargo Business

Air Cargo Business

There are also reasons for which Pakistan and especially its students are attracted to Britain. For study or for business a country is a favourable place. Cultural similarity and understandable language give a plus point. But for now the trade is limited. Whenever the disease is over there are agreements to make and important things to discuss. 

Why deal with the EU is important

First of all, loosing such a big bloc is not a joke. Losing the free trade status with these 26 countries is not an easy thing. Paying high tariffs to these will make the trade very expensive with these. So to make things less expensive a deal is important.

And the deal is not only necessary for the UK, but the EU also needs it equally as even they do not want to pay more and have restrictions. So from every angle, a favourable deal will be a positive step. Sooner or later things have to be decided and if done in a good way.

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