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Dec 3, 2016

COSCO Europe takes initiative to reduce CO2 Emissions of the line

COSCO Line Europe points toward dramatic reduction in fuel outlays and its consumption of fuel on the cargo container lines across the Europe to reduce its carbon foot print and emissions with efficient and long term solutions from Jotun. It is a dramatic story that how they have surprisingly reached at the new heights of performance.

Figures launched by COSCO Europe cargo line and Jotun show that around eight years old 10,062 TEU COSCO container ship has sliced fuel costs to not less than USD 4.5 million and diminished carbon emissions by 29,500 tons in opposition to market common figures, makes the COSCO Line, Europe’s best hull performance when sending cargo to Pakistan.

The cargo line has started using the Jotun Hull Performance Solution in 2012 and in the past 4 years due to the fact, its coating with Jotun’s Hull performance Solution, COSCO Europe has attained new levels of efficiency, price control and ecological performance.

COSCO Europe Cargo Line

Deputy general supervisor of COSCO line Europe Mr. Hou, states that being a socially responsible corporation COSCO Line are committed to providing highest quality price for all our sponsors and the nice ecological performance for Planet Earth by our fleet,

which varieties a key link in the global cargo shipping Hull performance solution has confirmed that it helps the COSCO Line in meeting the demands, enabling to become market’s main hull performance and unlocking enormous fuel and emissions savings.

COSCO Line Commitments

COSCO Lines are committed to maintenance the premier and sustainable provisions for the long term for COSCO Line users. Jotun’s progress of the Hull performance solution antifouling and measurement system indicates that it shares these same values. We look ahead to further teamwork and efficiencies soon when sending sea cargo to Pakistan.

Sea Quantum X200 antifouling Technology

Hull performance solution combines Jotun’s established SeaQuantum X200 antifouling, enhanced technical carrier, efficiency analysis consistent with ISO 19030 and an excessive efficiency guarantee.

The coating limits the progress of entities on the hull to ultimately reducing frictional resistance whilst the warranty assures the credibility and accountability of the solution. This blend delivers a complete perception into each profit on finance and on-going environmental efficiency.

Span of utilization of Hull performance solution

Hull performance solution has now been widely used across the globe and is being utilized to over 400 vessels on the grounds that its launch in late 2011 which is around four years from now. Upon asking about the Hull performance solution, Mr. Alfie Ong, Vice President Jotun Marine Coatings, he said that the Hull performance solution is a result of increasingly long-term knowledge from the system, which is the first solution of its type to measure performance in step with ISO 19030, we get the tough evidence to prove what we already knew particularly that Hull performance solution provides the cleanest hulls, perfect efficiency and good organization of resources and protects the ecological systems on the market.

Progressively, the key world shipping players, such as COSCO shipping lines, are recognising the power of Hull performance solution. They spot that an investment in Hull performance solution is a low striking fruit relating to augmenting the hull performance and providing long-term worth to their vessels. Jotun Marine Coatings is happy to be prepared to furnish the proof of such striking financial savings for them.

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