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Apr 23, 2015

China will rule the Arabian Sea through Gwadar port as it gets the rights to manage the port for the next 40 years


Finally! After a long dialog on the management of Gwadar port, China has won the right for the next 40 years. With this move, China has gained direct access to the Arabian Sea as it can also have strong military possibilities. It will operate Pakistan’s Gwadar port for the next 40 years to ease the cargo from the world. The Chinese connection with Gulf countries will flourish and there is a strong possibility that the world will see a new naval base in the Arabian Sea.


A Hong-Kong based news channel has quoted the chairman of Gwadar Port Authority that the port could be put into full operational mode by the end of 2015 because the development work has almost been completed. China has made it by its own, in both means of finance and construction. This port will open the route for cargo and transportation from the resources rich Middle East to the northern cities of China and then from Gwadar port to Kashgar.



The 3000Km long land route which will pass through the whole of Pakistan via train and road.  TV reports also quoted Chinese officials saying that the entire cargo from Middle East will be offloaded at Gwadar and be transported to China via land.


Gwadar port is located at the mouth of Strait of Hormuz, which is the gateway to 20 percent of the world’s oil and gas reserves. It will definitely turn the tables in the country, benefiting both China and Pakistan. It is an economic corridor under construction that will connect the Chinese city of Xinjiang to the Gwadar Port via road. It will use pipelines to transport oil and gas, Silk Highway for road transportation and train as a swift cargo carrier. This entire corridor will act as a bridge for Maritime Silk Route to connect more than 20 countries involved in the Trans-Eurasian project.


China will invest more than 1.2 billion dollars on the development of this Port. This investment includes an expressway that will connect the harbour and coastline, an international airport in Gwadar, Break Water and nine other small and large projects. All these projects will be completed in three to five years. A 300 meter long sea cargo terminal along with 1200 meter long container terminal will be operational very soon and the cargo terminal can harbour four births at the same time.


The Prime Minister of Pakistan has given a green light to the interior ministry to establish a high-profile force with the help of military in Gwadar. This initiative has been taken on the request of Chinese Prime Minister to provide fool proof security to Chinese workers.



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