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Oct 2, 2015


Email and social media networks are no more, express your most precious feelings through flowers

A well-known German poet, playwright and novelist as well as a natural philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stated in the admiration of flowers that flowers are the major source of the communication of the most beautiful feelings. People use flowers for the expression of their feelings, thoughts, desires and to express their love.

Different flowers are used for the expression of different sentiments. For example, the rose is used for the expression of love which is delivered to the beloved on the Valentines day. To make this possible and for the expression of the sentiments of the people around the world, there is a great industry is working skilfully round the clock and moves the flowers from the farms of Africa and South America to the European, American and Asian markets.

The air cargo industry is using extra aircraft to achieve the increased demand for fresh flowers throughout the season. If not for air cargo industry, it could adequate be a colourless weekend of love this year for many people in the world.

Lufthansa air cargo was hovering aircrafts loaded with red rose flowers at the time to make sure the long stemmed flowers reach on time to blossom in all their beauty in Urns in Europe. This year the charter is conveying about 1,500 tons of these fragile  things, most producing in Kenya or in South America. A press release issued by the Lufthansa Cargo revealed that the transporter links the flower producing countries with the Frankfurt centre many times in a week.

Special carriers are organized to the planned contacts at this time every year in order to fulfil the larger requirement for Valentine’s Day. The cargo carrier has settled for the special fresh and pure items specially for the carrying of fragile things for example flowers and foodstuffs. Lufthansa Cargo expressed that, the flowers stay in Frankfurt Airport only for a little period of time. After landing the airplane, the roses are conveyed forward from Frankfurt to all in Europe.

Indian city Bangalore is expected to move approximately five million rose flowers onward of Valentine’s Day to other cities within the country. India is exporting several tonnes of cut rose flower to other countries in the world during the season. International Flower Auction Bangalore reported that the demand for cut rose flowers from home markets has increased from four million roses in 2014 to five million tonnes in this year 2015.


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