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Feb 27, 2020
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Cargo to Pakistan Succeed to Make the Influential Changes 

The information technology has transformed every sector of our society. How could the cargo sector remain aloof from it? Now all the processes in the cargo industry are assisted by some updated software.

You, after having quotes, just click a link and the company representative of Sea Cargo to Pakistan will be at your doorstep to book your consignment. Thus within no time, you get this onerous job done and now it is the pain of Cargo to Pakistan to streamline your delivery and make arrangements for the swift and secure delivery of your belongings in the stipulated time.

Though the UK has left the EU and eleven months’ transitional period is going through. However, the UK would have to make a trade deal with the EU so that its goods and services could have easy access to the EU. But the Government has categorically announced to leave the single market.

Air Cargo Business

Air Cargo Business

So the question arises, how it is possible so early to have a unanimous stand about the trade agreement by European Parliament comprising 27 members. And the UK Government has ruled out any possibility to extend the transition period.

Impacts and Prospects of Brexit’s Transit Period

But if the aforementioned agreement is delayed unluckily, there are threats to be imposed on the exports to EU countries. There are chances that the UK could make deals with other potential countries which will further entangle the talks. Thus the issue remains in a state of uncertainty yet and no one can predict what might happen.

Now coming towards the prospects of negotiations on the upcoming trade agreement, it is sure that mutual discussions should continue to protect the cargo market in future. To the experts, there are two possibilities in this regard. Following Norway, if the UK opts for a single market, there would be no harmful impact on the cargo industry. But adopting Canada Plus would make it impossible to have a single market.

Effective and vivid logistic is direly needed for Britain as there are more than seven million people engaged in the cargo industry, overall. FATA being the main pressuring cargo voice, is advocating the issue with full force having one to one talks with the Government having representatives from road, sea and air cargo industries and retailers and manufacturers as well.

Value and Volume of Cargo Trade

The value and volume of cargo trade between Pakistan and the UK are quite high and varied. At present, a huge trade is taking place and Pakistani Plethora residing in the UK plays a vital role in uplifting the economic share. Generally, the cargo trade between the two countries is through air cargo, sea cargo, or intermodal.

Pakistan Cargo Industry

Pakistan Cargo Industry

Further carriage from the airport or seaport occurs by rail, truck or van. If we have a cursory view of Pakistan, it becomes evident that though this country has a strong infrastructure of rail and road yet there are certain locations where it is in poor form.

Role of the Cargo Industry in Pakistan Economy

This is to be noted that since the last decade, the Pakistan’s economy is almost doubled and the major share of this tremendous growth is that of foreign trade. The luxurious growth of foreign trade is accompanied by a remarkable increase in freight traffic. No would disagree that Pakistan owns one of the biggest consumer markets in the world.

And further to endorse it, automobile, pharmaceuticals, FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) drive the logistics sector of Pakistan. Furthermore, the Pakistan’s government is persistently moving on a strong stance to enhance exports to generate more revenue. This has no doubt, given a tremendous boost to the cargo industry.

Said that the Domestic Cargo has been given a proper industry with the name of Domestic Cargo Transport Industry which is a great plus for the cargo industry. This Cargo Industry deals with various models like Railway, Roadway, Coastal, Inland Waterways and Airways.

However, mainly carriage of goods from and to other countries is carried out through sea cargo and air cargo. Cargo industry in Pakistan is well established after passing through a great period and improving its shortcoming also.

This approach has, of course, accelerated the business in Pakistan at large; creating ample opportunities for foreign as well as domestic businesses. The creation of Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCs) opened by the Pakistan Government has further facilitated the cargo flow in the country.

By this, the focus is given to improve the national highways, tax structure, extending railway line to far-flung areas, and uplifting of infrastructure at the seaports. Surely this will bring radical changes in the cargo industry by removing undue hurdles. But fuel price hike might affect all this bitterly.

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