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Apr 2, 2021

It means cargo industry will get more business to transport goods from one country to other

Goods transportation is very important in all different situations because life does not stop and keep moving. You need eatables, grocery and other daily use items. You can consume little but you need them so their supply chain should remain intact. This is why Cargo delivery in Covid continues.

Now delivery of vaccine has also been carried out through special cargo services. Passenger flights were stopped at the time of lockdown but air cargo delivery continued. Personal protection equipment PPE was also delivered by cargo companies and that proved the cargo industry vital for the health and well-being of the mankind.

Container Shipping
Container Shipping

In all parts of the world delivery of these goods become possible only due to cargo services. Some parts of the world hardly hit by the pandemic whereas other countries do not get affected much. Factories keep manufacturing goods and their supply has been made possible by a staff of cargo companies.

IATA also lay down new regulations to keep the people involved in cargo handling safely. Apart from the regular goods, these companies need to cater for the especially needed medical goods for testing, treatment and safety during a pandemic. The situation still continues and industries around the world have started production of goods so trade is back on track.

Economies around the world showing impressive figures and incoming day’s further progress in these figures predicted. It means the cargo industry will get more business to transport goods from one country to other.

The airline will add 66 direct flights from the UK to Pakistan

Flights from hard hit countries remain suspended for months but now there is no restriction. No passengers’ flight means limited space for air cargo as only cargo flights were allowed. Cargo to Pakistan from UK has shown progress and Virgin Atlantic Cargo has started service from the UK to Pakistan for the first time.

More direct flights from the UK to Pakistan means there will be more space available for cargo companies to transport goods. The airline will add 66 direct flights from the UK to Pakistan. Initially, two of these flights will land at two airports in Pakistan. Pakistan’s large manufacturing units are showing record production and UK exports to Pakistan are largely related to the industrial sector.

Air cargo
Air cargo

This is why export from the UK to Pakistan can show better figures than earlier. The UK is also the biggest European market of Pakistani goods so it will facilitate traders in Pakistan too. When flights go fully occupied and come back with vacant seats, it hurts the airlines so they start flight operations for a destination only after finding it feasible.

The new flights for the air cargo facility will definitely improve the capacity of air cargo from the UK to Pakistan. It also reveals the potential present in the trade sector for both sides. With 66 direct flights a month, a substantial boost of 90 per cent to the air cargo capacity will be observed.

The overall UK is the third biggest market for Pakistani goods and in Europe, it is the biggest. After leaving Europe, UK can ink such a trade agreement with Pakistan which also allow UK goods to be sold in the Pakistani market.

This will provide them access to big markets

When I want to book a consignment for Pakistan, they always consider cargo to Pakistan near me. It is quite natural so the presence of cargo companies offices matter and they can have more business with a reasonable number of offices. Availability of the fastest cargo service to Pakistani traders also beneficial for their business. This will provide them access to big markets like the United Kingdom and the United States.

The managing director of the airline also expressed his views about the potential of trade between the UK and Pakistan. Healthy cargo volume moving from Pakistan to the UK and other European countries can be manifold. Pakistan is keen to improve its productivity and exports all over the world.

Freight Forwarders
Freight Forwarders

For the coming days, the airline has high hopes of getting most of the cargo business from this market. Products with limited shelf life and need the fastest delivery means now can easily be exported from Pakistan to other countries including the UK. Export of Pakistani Kino will also be facilitated through direct flights. Fruit and vegetable export, in particular, can be improved further.

Traders in the UK have been provided an incentive

In this way waste of fruits and vegetable in Pakistan will also diminish. Last year due to flight restrictions little air freight activity took place and pandemic also cause damage to the trade but this year predictions of growth in industrial and economic activity surely provide more business to the cargo sector.

Traders in the UK have been provided incentive by the government to increase exports to Pakistan and apart from large industries medium and small industry of the country can also export to Pakistan. The sixth biggest population of the world is quite interested in foreign goods for their quality.

The UK made products can be marketed easily because of the ability of the Pakistani population to understand English. Companies interested in this regard will also have the required information. The opportunity to participate in seminars and conferences held in collaboration with the business community of both sides will also help the new exporters to this South Asian destination.

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